Learn how to get rid of moles

You have to learn how to get rid of moles before they start a tunnel network in your yard. Find a way to prevent this situation, and take action as soon as possible if they already appeared.


About Moles

Six species of this creature reside in North America. At least three varieties of them will invade your yard. They also burrow their way through gardens and could deliver a litter of up to six babies. Since they reproduce in large numbers, they could cause quite a bit of damage in a relatively short period.

how to get rid of moles


What they Eat

They usually feast on insects and worms, which explains why they dig underground so much. They don’t actually consume the plants, but you don’t want them around at all if you want to grow a healthy garden.


The Damage they Cause

Moles can tunnel through 18 feet of ground within an hour. Therefore, if an entire group of them work together, they could rip out your entire landscape in one day. They not only dig holes and leave mounds of dirt in the grass, but they also demolish entire plant root systems.

Once they’re in your yard, they will not hesitate to exploit it and divide the spoils amongst one another. Then, they might even move next door and damage your neighbor’s lawn and garden looking for more food.


Reasons Moles Appear

One common reason this animal makes its way into your yard is over-watering. Moist ground allows worms to crawl up to the surface, and this attracts the creatures who feed on them. Of course, they also might appear because the mother gave birth after mating on your property.

How to Eliminate Moles for Good

You have several options for removing this pesky animal from your landscape. For instance, you can place broken glass, razor blades or rose branches in your yard. Otherwise, you might think of using household bleach, ultrasonic devices or moth balls.

Obviously, some of these solutions could harm your children or pets. You instead may want to visit Repellex.com to learn about a safer solution.

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