DIY gift basket ideas for the holidays

During the holidays gift giving is meaningful and exciting. While you want to find the perfect gift for everyone on your gift list, you also don’t want to break the bank and over spend! Here are some DIY budget-friendly gift basket ideas for the holidays that your friends and family members will love, and your wallet will too!

DIY gift basket ideas

  1. One fun, simple idea for a gift basket for her is to create a spa gift basket. You can fill these with lots of different, fabulous goodies. Some can be DIY products you make a home. You can easily find how toe that explain how to make scented bath salts, sugar or salt scrubs, oatmeal soaps, a crocheted bath puff, and a candle or tea light. These are inexpensive, plus if you buy the materials in bulk to make multiples for various recipients, you will be able to knock a few gifts of your holiday gift list in no shot!
  2. For him, you can also create a basket with items for grooming. You can easily find instructions for making DIY shaving creams, after shave, a bath mitt, and reed diffusers or potpourri for great scents. These products are natural, home made and effective, and the guy you gift them to will be sure to ask for more when he runs out!
  3. If you have a coffee or tea lover on your gift list, be sure to stock them up with a cafe to go basket! Include an assortment of tea bags, coffee beans, K-cups, cocoa mixes and more. When packing you can use mason jars, small baggies, or tins. You can also include a small book of recipes that you purchase or even come up with on your own! Also include honey, sugar, stirrers, biscotti or dipping spoons for a comprehensive gift basket they will love and devour!
  4. When filling your gift basket you will want to add something besides the gifts themselves to bolster up the basket and add some glare and decoration. A really great and inexpensive way to do this, is to make your own by simply shredding paper. You can use one color such as white or beige. Another option is to shred old magazines in order to stuff your basket with an extremely colorful mix of fillers!
  5. You will also, of course, need the basket itself! If you have baskets at home from past gifts, don’t hesitate to use them again– this is not resifting since your gifts inside are original. New baskets can be expensive, so if you don’t already have, there are less expensive options for you to consider. Try searching in consignment or second hand stores to see if they have any baskets for sale at discounted prices. You can also make your own by wrapping a cardboard box in festive wrapping paper and using this as your basket.

Making your own DIY gifts for gift baskets is a great way to give a unique, original and personal gift to someone you love without spending a fortune. Consider bath and grooming sets, coffee and tea gift baskets, home made paper shredder stuffing fillers and second hand or DIY baskets.


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