How to determine if IVF is the right option

When you have decided to get pregnant and bring life into the world, it is a priceless, exciting experience. Unfortunately some women, men and couples have a hard time getting pregnant, which can make the process stressful and disappointing. Be sure to explore all of your fertility options and consult a healthcare professional in order to get to the root of the issue so that treatment can be implemented accordingly and appropriately for the most successful results. One fertility option that some women use is IVF or In Vitro Fertilization. Here are some tips about how to determine if IVF is the right option for you.

IVF is the right option

IVF is often successful for many individuals and is one of the most commonly used and prescribed fertility treatment options for couples, however it may not be right for you and your needs so it it essential to always weigh the pros and cons before making a commitment to this treatment. Often IVF is best for you if you have blocked or damaged fallopian tubes, if your partner has low sperm count or poor sperm movement, or if your infertility is unexplained at this point.

In addition to your health situation, you will also need to look into your eligibility regarding other factors. If you have already and children with your spouse before, you are likely not eligible for IVF. You should be between 23 and 39, and you must have had at least 3 years of fertility issues.

If you fit these criteria, than IVF is definitely something to consider when looking at fertility treatment options that will help you to have a child. However, be aware that the IVF process is extremely long, drawn out and stressful in many cases, so be prepared for the experience to be time consuming and energy consuming as it is both mentality and physically draining. Once cycle can easily take 7 weeks, and during this time you may be in and out of fertility clinics on a regular basis which can be demanding on a busy schedule or other obligations. Typically, individuals will need 3 treatments, which is a huge commitment! While it can be stressful, be sure to reach out in the community and ask about resources and counseling. Most clinics offer counseling to help you talk through the experience and your feelings as well as concerns, hopes, and worries.

When considering fertility options, depending on your situation and characteristics, IVF may be the best treatment option for you as you explore different fertility treatments. Always consult a healthcare professional who is an expert in fertility and genetics so that you can get to the source of the issue and have guidance in determining which treatment option will be most appropriate for your fertility needs. While the IVF process is not an easy one, if you really want to get pregnant, all of the hard work and time will be worth it in the end when you are able to get pregnant and give birth to a beautiful child.


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