Repellent tablets for getting rid of voles

Burrowing animals are a gardener’s worst enemy. The damage that these animals cause to plants can leave a once beautiful garden looking completely and totally devastated. They usually burrow under the plants and eat the roots but they try to eat the leaves as well. Burrowing animals like voles, mice, and rabbits have absolutely no respect for a garden because a beautifully prepared garden looks like a splendid buffet that has been set out especially for them.

Often times, home owners are concerned about finding safe ways to get rid of these burrowing animals without putting their own pets at risk. This means than that they try to avoid harmful chemical poisons that can put their pets at risk. On top of that, many gardeners and home owners do not want to kill these burrowing animals in their gardens. Their goal is just to prevent these pests from entering and destroying their gardens. They simply do not want these pests to feast over their rose bushes and other plants.


For individuals in this situation, a natural repellent that is made from plant-based materials is the best option. Not only is this natural repellent the solution for getting rid of voles and other burrowing rodents, it also gives the owner the benefit of not worrying about harmful chemicals that could put their own pets at risk. Though repellent is made from natural compounds, it is still not recommended for use on edible plants.

This repellent, which is sold in tablet forms, is exceptionally effective to scare away unwanted burrowing animals. You just need to put the tablets into the ground, around the plants that you want to protect. These tablets will then transfer a very strong concentrate of spice into the plant’s molecular structure. When burrowing animals come to take a bite off of these plans, they will be treated to a hot and spicy taste of hot chilli pepper that they hate.

Once they get a bite off of plans that have been treated with these tablets, burrowing animals will surely avoid your garden and move on to other areas where they can find plants that are far tastier than yours.

This product serves as a natural way to repel burrowing animals. The natural ingredients that are used in this repellent include castor oil, white pepper, garlic, and cinnamon. An emulsifying agent is also added, this is designed to facilitate the quick absorption of the compound by plants. To get more information about this revolutionary burrowing animal repellent check out

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