5 swimwear tips for new moms

Adjusting to your post-baby body can be a challenge. Unfortunately, your body will be different and will not bounce right back into the shape it was pre-pregnancy. Instead of fighting these changes, embrace your new figure. When swimsuit season arrives, you don’t have to hide. Instead, find swimsuit styles that will best compliment your shape and help you get the coverage and support you need. Here are the top 5 swimwear shopping tips for new moms.

swimwear tips for new moms

  1. Consider buying a tankini. Tankini suits are very popular among pregnant women and women who are new moms. They provide the flexibility and comfort of a two piece bathing suit, with the coverage of a one piece. These suits have a regular bikini bottom, with a top that covers the mid-section completely, and loosely. This is much more form flattering as it does not hug every curve or edge. In addition to looking great, the tankini will give you the ability to change out sizes for tops or bottoms as you lose that post-baby weight. Often your top or bottom will change faster than the rest of your body. Instead of ditching an entire suit, you can change the bottoms or the top as needed.
  2. No matter which bathing suit style you choose or prefer, make sure it has ample bra support and padding. After having a baby, you will need the support of a bra for necessity and for comfort’s sake. In addition, padding can be useful for moms who are nursing since it can help cover up embarrassing leaks or stains that may occur so you can feel comfortable and confident in your suit at all times.
  3. Consider buying a cover up to compliment your suit. There are lots of options available such as pull overs or sarongs. Sarong wraps are ideal because they can cover up your hips and other problem areas while still keeping you cool and looking great in your suit!
  4. Try to do your swimsuit shopping in the store. Find a store that has trendy but modest swimsuits available. Many swimwear specialty stores will have professionals available to help you with sizing. They can also recommend suits that will be best for your post-baby body! You will be able to try the suits on for fit, size, and style to see what works best and what you like the most.
  5. If you do shop online for your bathing suit, be sure to look into the company’s return policy in case the suit you order is not what you were expecting or incase the sizing is off. Look for stores that specialize in swimwear for new moms. Shopping online with a site like SwimsuitsDirect.com is ideal for most new mothers who barely have time to shower, let alone go on a shopping trip!

Utilizing these tips as a new mom will help you to enjoy fun in the sun without feeling self-conscious or uncomfortable in your post-baby body. Be sure to look for suits with ample coverage and support. Plus, shop in-store or online with companies who specialize in suits for new mothers for the best experience and products.


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