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Creative ways to wrap gifts for kids

Creative ways to wrap gifts for kids

Whether it’s for an upcoming birthday party or you’re wrapping something up for Christmas, when you’re giving a present to a child, a part of the fun is wrapping it. Sure, there are all kinds of creative wrapping paper and gift bags that you can purchase at the store. However, if you’d like to try something a bit “out of the box”, check out the five following creative ways to wrap gifts for kids.

A lunch box. Something that just about every child needs is a lunch box. So, why not give them two gifts in one by putting their present inside of a new one? It could be a box that features their favorite cartoon or book character or it could simply be one that is made out of their favorite colors. If you would like to have their box customized, Lunch Boxes is one website that does it. Just go to the site and put “custom” in the search field.

Creative ways to wrap gifts for kids

A balloon. For this next suggestion, you would definitely need to be sure that the child that you’re giving the present to enjoys hearing the sound of balloons popping. If they do, then another fun option is put your small present or gift card inside of a 36″ balloon. One website that can walk you through the steps of how to get the gift inside is 11
Cupcakes. Just go to the site and put “gift wrapping” and “balloon pop” in the search field.

A decorated brown paper bag. Who said that a brown paper bag had to be boring? It’s really all about how you decorate the outside of it. You can cut some geometric shapes out of construction paper. You can draw or paint a pretty picture on it. Or you can even create a pair of eyes, a nose and glue on a pair of glasses to make it look just like a face.

An “Angry Bird”. If you’re planning to give more than one gift, another cute idea is to design a few Angry Birds. To pull this off, you will need a few boxes in different sizes, some colored construction paper, a pair of scissors, a bottle of glue, a pencil and a Sharpie. Although initially it might seem a bit complex, the reality is that if you’re a good drawer, you can have your boxes done in under an hour. One website that can give you step-by-step instructions on how to make them is LBrummer68739.net. Once you get to the site, put “Angry Birds” in the search field.

Personalized wrapping paper. If you are a bit of a traditionalist and you enjoy using wrapping paper and ribbons , there is a creative approach that you can take to getting your gift ready: You can have the wrapping paper personalized. For instance, a child will be thrilled to get a present that has their picture all over it or even a photograph of their pet. There are several websites that customized wrapping paper. A favorite is Gift Skins. Happy wrapping!


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