5 great reasons to get a family dog

Although there are a lot of us who grew up with a family pet in the home and our memories of having them were a lot of fun, now that we are old enough to know how big of a responsibility that pets are, some of us are hesitant to get one for our own children.

If you can relate to feeling this way, then we’re so glad that you’re reading this article. The reason why is because while having a dog can be a lot of work, we want to share with you five great reasons why it’s still a wonderful thing to make them a part of your family.

get a family dog

Dogs bring family members closer together. If you’re like a lot of households, being that everyone has such a busy schedule, it can be hard to spend a lot of quality time together. However, being that a dog requires food, care and affection, having one in the home is a great way for people to come together a few minutes a day, even if it’s just to feed, clean or walk the dog. This brings us to the next point.

Dogs will help you to get lots of exercise. If you’re not someone who happens to be a big fan of working out but you know that you need to commit to some kind of exercise regimen, this is just one more reason to get a dog. By taking them on evening walks or even playing outside with the dog and your children on the weekends, you can get plenty of cardio exercise and even burn a few calories in the process.

Dogs are great for children’s development. There is actually a lot of research which indicates that having a dog is amazing for children’s development. Not only do dogs teach them how to be more responsible, but they also teach them how to grow in compassion, tolerance and forgiveness too. Plus, if you happen to have a child who is shy, a dog is a great way to make them more willing to interact with others because a dog’s acceptance helps to boost their confidence levels.

Dogs reduce stress levels. Say that you’re still not quite convinced that a dog is something that you should invest in. So you visit a company like Protection Dogs Plus to ask one of the employees for another reason why getting a family dog is a good thing to do. Something that they might mention is the fact that dogs help to reduce your stress levels. Being that dogs are so loving and loyal, that alone can help to calm your senses, which is a good thing being that stress is directly contributed to a lot of health problems.

Dogs are like members of the family. Even with all of the great reasons that we just shared, perhaps the best reason of all to get a dog is that, over time, they truly do become members of the family. They can go with you on vacations, they are around for all kinds of milestones and they help to make everyone in your household feel loved—and that’s simply awesome. For information on how to choose the best dog for your family, visit IAMS and put “dog breed selector tool” in the search field.


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