5 reasons to hire a professional pet sitter when you travel

Traveling can be a traumatic experience for both pets and their owners. Any time you leave your pals behind so that you can make it to a meeting or catch some sun and surf on vacay, you’re going to worry about how they’re holding up and whether the care they’re receiving is up to your high standards. And your pets are probably going to be upset about your absence, no matter how great the pet palace is that you leave them at. But there is an alternative that offers peace of mind: you can leave your pets with a professional sitter when you travel. And there are several benefits to choosing this solution.

Hire a Professional Pet Sitter When You Travel

  1. Preserve your pets’ normal routine. Animals appreciate stability, and when you box them up and cart them off to a kennel or pet hotel, they’re going to be understandably stressed. In some cases, they might stop eating. Or they might howl, bark, meow, or squawk inconsolably until you return. They may get aggressive or hostile with handlers. But when you allow them to remain in an environment that is comfortable and familiar, they’re much more likely to stay calm and happy.
  2. Rely on trustworthy service. When you hire a reputable and experienced pet sitter, you can generally assume that you’re going to get reliable and trustworthy service. You might be nervous about leaving your home and your animal friends in the care of a stranger. But pet sitters don’t build solid reputations by stealing your stuff, holding wild parties, and neglecting your pets. Just make sure you leave all relevant information (feeding times and amounts, play and grooming instructions, and the vet’s contact information) before you go. And call your vet’s office ahead of time to let them know who will be caring for your pets while you’re gone.
  3. Limit exposure to danger and disease. You might like the idea of placing your pets in a kennel or “doggie daycare” type facility knowing that they’ll get to interact with other animals. But even if your pet is socialized, the other guests at the facility might not be as well behaved, or as well cared for. If you’re worried about potential issues like fighting or the spread of illness, you’ll probably feel a lot more comfortable leaving your best friends at home with a qualified caregiver.
  4. Avoid complaints. Sure, you can call in favors from your family and friends when you have to travel for work or you decide to take a much-needed vacation. But you’re likely to hear plenty of griping over this imposition, even if you’ve done kind turns for these people in the past. A professional pet sitter, on the other hand, will spend plenty of time with your animals and give you glowing reports on their progress while you’re away and when you return. You will, of course, have to pay for this service, but at least you’ll have someone who wants to be there.
  5. Qualified care. It’s not like you’re going to hire a pet sitter from a random ad on Craigslist. Chances are you’ll go with a reputable service like Blue Chip Pet Care Charlotte or you’ll base your choice on recommendations from trusted family or friends. This is the best way to find pet sitters that have been vetted (no pun intended) in one way or another.


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