De-stress by taking five

No-one said being a mom would be easy! There are some days when life is good and you sail through the day being a perfect mother to your children, wife to your husband, and effective working professional, and others where everything seems to go wrong and you feel inadequate at every role that you play in life.

You might think the best cure for feeling like that would be to take time out and have a weekend at the spa, but that’s not a feasible option very often – or at a moment’s notice. Much better to have some relaxation tricks up your sleeve that you can call on whenever you need them, without having to book babysitters, time off work or otherwise taking yourself out of general circulation.



  by  Mrs Maccas 


Take a big breath

For instance, if you feel really tired but don’t have time to sleep, you can always take yourself to a quiet space, sit down and focus on your breathing for a few minutes. You don’t have to do anything as structured as meditating – just turn off your phone and the light, close your eyes and spend five minutes doing nothing but following the pattern of your breathing. As you calm down, you’ll notice your breathing gets slower and deeper. After just five minutes of doing this, you can open your eyes and feel as good as if you’d had a power nap!


Make a note

If something’s bothering you, try putting pen to paper. Old-fashioned it may be, but having a journal is a great way to deal with your stresses and anxieties. Don’t think you can only write a journal at the end of the day. Have it handy so you can use it to express your feelings whenever you have a need to. Don’t worry about the style or the grammar – it’s for your eyes only.


Play a game

Life can sometimes feel like a series of chores, but that’s only if you let it. If you’re on the go all day with childcare or work, allow yourself a few five minute breaks where you are simply being entertained. With a smartphone in hand, you have access to a whole universe of entertainment, and a myriad of games to choose from. Bingo is one of the most popular choices as while it’s easy to play, each game also offers the possibility of winning a surprising amount of cash. This makes each game of bingo much more exciting than many of the other gaming apps. Another big draw is that you can meet and talk to other players too – find out more here about the online bingo chat rooms that you have access to when you’re playing a game of bingo.


Put on some music

For moms who are at home a lot by themselves, home can be a quiet place and it can feel pretty lonely sometimes. Put some music on and let it fill the house – as long as the baby’s not sleeping – and you’ll find it will cheer you up. What’s to stop you dancing and singing along too?

If you look at life as a series of chores, it’s not surprising that you might start to feel down. Taking a few minutes now and then to just ‘be’ and put aside worrying about the next thing you have to do can give you a boost at any time during the day.


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