Ladybug steam cleaners is great

Every home needs a good vacuum machine to keep it spotless and clean for the family. I have always used a normal vacuum cleaner until one of my friends recommended me to try a steam cleaner. At first, I didn’t see the difference but after doing some extensive research, I finally decided to go for a ladybug steam cleaner and boy, what a difference it makes.


Chemical free cleaning

Unlike traditional vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners transform tap water into steam that is then used to clean a wide range of surfaces beyond just flooring. I used it to clean countertops, upholstered fabrics etc and it was no problem at all. The best thing about using steam is that it can sanitize the home with the use of any chemical which can be harmful to children if they always pick things up from the floor and put it their mouths.

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Durable but portable

The one I bought was theĀ Ladybug 2150. It is constructed very well as it is made of heavy-duty polycarbonate plastic. However, it is easy to move around due to its wheels which Ibought separately. The previous vacuum I had was rather heavy and I always feel my arms getting tired after using it.


Other benefits

Another thing I like about the Ladybug 2150 is that it has a rather large storage place for housing enough water to ensure I never run out it before the cleaning is done. I cannot imagine having to waste time and top out the water during the cleaning process as I am sure this will created a rather frustrating experience.

Overall, I rather please with the product and I am glad I bought it. If you are thinking about replacing your current vacuum, give this a try.

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