Best dogs for families

For many, a family is not complete without a dog. They are the perfect playmate for your child. The enthusiastic hound is always ecstatic to see you walk through the door and is a friend that will always make time for you – whether you want it or not. Dogs are fantastic, loving creatures and they really do add to your home life.

However, dogs are like humans. There are certain environments that suit them and there are some that do not. It is imperative that you choose the correct dog; as an incorrect environment can result in horrifying circumstances, for both the dog and the families. Below are the ten best dogs to welcome into the family home.


No. 10 The Bulldog

best dog for families 1

The Bulldog is one of the cutest dogs around. Their big, drooling faces are hard not to fall in love with. These dogs have a sturdy frame which makes them the perfect climbing frame for young children. Muscular but placid is the best way to describe the Bulldog.

A redeeming feature about the Bulldog is their docile nature; they’ll never win any awards for “most energetic dog”, making them perfect if you do not have the required time to take them on monstrous walks.

One of the most loyal dogs on the planet, Bulldogs often get along well with other pets and dogs, so if you have a cat don’t be perturbed in buying one. Due to their lazy nature, the bulldog is comfortable in large houses or small apartments.

Don’t be put off by their protruding teeth; breeders have worked hard to all but eradicate aggression in these dogs.


No. 9 The Beagle

Snoopy, of the comic strip Peanuts, is the most famous Beagle on earth, and while your Beagle won’t have a best friend called Woodstock, it will provide you with as much fun as Snoopy does to Charlie Brown.

Originally bred as a hunting dog, Beagles are incredibly intelligent dogs and described by many as “merry”. The dog possesses an even temper and gentle disposition, making it idyllic for children.

If you were to purchase a Beagle it would soon become the best friend of your child. Both have a boundless amount of energy, and as such, can run each other ragged. As mentioned, the dog has an even temper, meaning that it gets along with fellow dogs and other animals, albeit, there will be some chasing involved.

Trying to deplete your dog of energy can so often be problematic. Luckily, Beagles do not need to be exercised to the point of exhaustion for them to happily rest.

One setback with the dog is that they do shed fairly heavily. They require frequent brushing and bathing, so they are best avoided if you have an asthmatic in the house.


No. 8 The Greyhound

The Greyhound could quite easily have been a cat in another life. Quiet, reserved, independent and charismatic, the Greyhound is arguably the easiest dog to live with. Once matured, these dogs are calm and quiet inside, and most are reserved when encountering strangers.

As for walking, well the Greyhound is a breeze. You may have been put off having a greyhound due to watching or betting on greyhound racing and seeing the speeds that they can run at – but you couldn’t be more wrong. Although faster than a horse, Greyhounds are built for speed not endurance. All one needs is a short walk so it can embark on an explosive sprint. Once it has got that burst out of its system it is content to lounge for the day.


No. 7 The Collie

best dog for families 2

For those that have seen “Lassie”, buying a Collie is a no-brainer. For those that haven’t seen the film, Collies are awesome. They are commended for their temperament, intelligence and companionship.

Collies are a gentle, predictable breed and are extremely easy to train. If you are a family that aren’t used to having dogs before then the Collie is probably perfect for you.

Again, if you haven’t seen “Lassie” then you won’t know just how good Collies are good with children. These seldom aggressive dogs absolutely adore children and love to impress their family.


No. 6 The Newfoundland

best dog for families 3

Here’s a dog that likes nothing more than to cuddle. There’s a reason why these dogs are nicknamed “Nature’s Babysitter” – the most famous of which is “Nana” from Peter Pan. Despite being absolutely monstrous in size these dogs absolutely love children.

The Mother Teresa of dogs adores children and is extremely protective of them. Its size, and thick fur, makes it virtually impenetrable to the somewhat painful hands that young children can possess.

Patience is a virtue, and the Newfoundland is as patient as they come. It is also extremely kind and gentle.

Regardless of your age, you will fall in love with this dog. It is impossible not to. Be warned, Newfoundland’s do prefer to stay inside, so make sure you have plenty of room to accommodate for them.


No. 5 The Vizla

Many are unfamiliar with the Vizla, which originally hails from Hungary, but they make for brilliant pets. Not only are they lively, but they are gentle mannered, demonstrably affectionate and rather sensitive.

Nonetheless, they will not back down when they or their family is threatened. The Vizla is fearless and has an incredibly well-developed protective instinct – visitors will be welcomed with a loving sniff but unwanted guests will be greeted with a big set of teeth.

Another thing that attracts people to the Vizla is the fact they don’t really smell of dog.


No. 4 The Irish Setter

If you have a large garden then the Setter is the perfect addition. If not, be prepared to walk this dog a lot. It is one of the more energetic dogs on the list, but if you have the space and the children then it should be no issue.

Famed for its gorgeous red coat, the Irish Setter is not only energetic, but it is awfully playful – making it wonderful for children. Once its energy is depleted from hours playing with the children it will turn into a loving companion for the adults of the house. It does like to get in your face when showing you its love.

Again, it is another dog that is easy to train and obedience is one of its redeeming characteristics.


No. 3 The Poodle

best dog for families 4

A Poodle is not a fashion accessory. It pains to see some of the ridiculous haircuts these majestic dogs are forced to undertake. If you want a dog to be a dog and not a trainee hair salon then the Poodle is a sure choice.

Again, poodles are brilliant with kids. Possessing a friendly demeanour and a lovely inquisitive nature, the Poodle is a child in itself. However, this is a child minus the tantrum, seldom annoyed or bored. They really are a great playing partner for children.

Grooming is essential for the Poodle. Just a quick trim every now and again, rather than a makeover though. If not, their hair will get out of control, and they will be way too hot under the collar. Despite grooming be required, these dogs shed very little, making them perfect for a child, or adult, with allergies.


No. 2 The Labrador

The Labrador is one of the most popular dogs in the world – and there’s good reason for this. Not only are they affectionate, playful, resilient, protective, caring, adventurous, energetic and intelligent, they are extremely adorable.

It is cool around strangers, pets and other dogs, while it coat isn’t that thick – so there shouldn’t be hair all over the place.

Granted it does have a lot of energy, but you will enjoy spending so much time with this dog that walking it will not be a chore, rather, a pleasure.


No. 1 The Golden Retriever

best dog for families 5

Has there ever been a case of a Golden Retriever being bad? Honestly, no, there probably hasn’t. These dogs are good to the bone, excuse the pun.

The Golden Retriever is one of the smartest dogs on the planet, not only can it work as a seeing-eye dog, it is capable of learning well over 200 commands – so teaching it paw should never be an issue.

Although not as big as the Labrador, it is still just as playful. Its patience is marvelled and its behaviour around children is something to behold.

As a family dog, the Golden Retriever is second to none.

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