How Mommies can impress daddies with these unique gifts

Are you looking for a unique gift idea for the special father of your kids? Make it a gift that you cannot walk into your neighborhood store and pick off the shelf. Here are eight unique gifts with which mommies can impress daddies.

A Streaming Subscription Service

unique gift ideas for dads

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As parents, you don’t have much time to yourselves. The life that you had of doing what you want when you want is over. That is no reason for Dad to miss all his favorite shows or have him searching forever to find just the right movie on TV. So, help him out with a year of streaming service from Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus, or Netflix. You can buy one of these services for as low as $7.99 a month. So now he can catch up on movies or his favorite TV shows, day or night, from the TV, smartphone, or laptop.

Work Survival Kit

Sometimes Dad can get so wrapped up at work, providing for his family, that he rarely takes time out for himself. So no matter his office environment, get him a work survival kit. This is the perfect DIY gift idea that is unique and special just for him. Does he have a favorite coffee? Pack that in along with brownies, cookies, or a slice of pie along with a cool game of Sudoku. For an added touch, slip in a gift card to a local delivery restaurant near his job so that you can treat him to lunch.


Best Daddy Certificate

Another affordable gift idea that is sure to impress any man is a Best Daddy certificate. There are many available for purchase, but a gift from the heart starts with something as simple as a template. Include a snapshot of your family, and present it in a handsome frame so he can place it on his office wall or desk.


The Man Can

A cool idea for the GQ dad is the Man Can. This paint can is not meant for the “honey to-do list.” It is a unique gift that has 100% all natural skin care products designed just for men. He will get shaving gel, soap, hand butter, oil, and a body mitt. Hey, even daddies need to pamper themselves from time to time.


A Great Camera

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Even if Daddy does not have a photogenic bone in his body, it is in the Dad’s codebook to have a great camera. From taking shots of the family on road trips to your kids’ most adorable moments, he is in charge of helping create memories for all to enjoy. So decide on a digital cam, video cam, or easy point-and-shoot; just make sure that it is charged up and ready for him to enjoy.


Hamburger BBQ Brander

Does Dad have a favorite sports team and like to cook in their honor? If so, help him host the perfect tailgating party at home with a sports team hamburger BBQ brander. Sear hamburgers, steaks, and chickens with ease, and celebrate in style. He is sure to appreciate your support.


Fire HDX 8.9 Tablet

Does Dad have a hard time finding new ways to keep the kids entertained? Help him be the coolest dad around with the Fire HDX 8.9. Dad and the kids can record themselves, play music, stream movies, play games, and read thousands of adventure stories on this powerful tablet. And, when the kids are finally asleep, Dad can check his email, browse the Web, and catch up on Facebook.



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For dads who take physical fitness seriously or dads who need to get extra R&R, surprising him with the Fitbit will show him that you and the kids care about his health. Fitbits come in sporty and elegant styles, helping him keep tabs on his fitness goals.

As you can see, unique gifts are not the most complicated gifts. You can even get something wonderful such as a golfing or water activities certificate because unique gifts for men match individual personalities. These are sure to make any dad feel like he has won the lottery as Mommy and kids surprise him.

Which of these gifts do you think that the dads in your life will like most? What other gift ideas for dads do you have?

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