5 ways your child can develop strong writing skills

Reading, writing and arithmetic. When you were a child in school, there’s a pretty good chance you were told that those three subjects were very important to learn. Basically, it’s because the better you became at reading, writing, and arithmetic, the easier your classwork was for you.

Now that you’re a parent with a child of your own, it’s time for you to help implement these same principles. If your child is doing pretty well with reading comprehension and math, but you’ve noticed that they could stand to improve their writing skills, here are five ways to help them to do just that.

develop strong writing skills

Read to and with them. If you asked just about any teacher about something that you can do to help your child become a better writer, one thing they are probably going to tell you is to spend some quality time reading to and with them. Reading helps to expand their vocabulary and that is always beneficial when your child is learning how to grow in their writing skills.

Encourage them to write to family members and friends. Although there used to be a time when people actually sent handwritten letters in the mail, the internet has changed the way many individuals choose to correspond. Still, it’s a good idea to encourage your child to write their family members or friends from time to time. It will help them become better writers and it will also help them improve their penmanship too.

Have them help you with thank you notes and holiday cards. Speaking of writing other people, another thing that you might want to do is ask your child to help you in writing thank you notes and holiday cards. Loved ones always enjoy getting something in the mail that comes from a young child. Plus, it’s just one more way to help your son or daughter become a stronger writer. You could even ask them to come up with their own story for the front of a thank-you note or holiday card and then have that mass printed.

Do writing prompt exercises. Something that your child may enjoy doing are writing prompt exercises. There are all kinds of approaches that you can take to this; however, a great example is asking your child to describe, in print, their favorite animal, toy, or television show. When children are excited about the subject they are writing about, they don’t even notice that they’re actually doing work.

Do story writing contests together. Say that your child hasn’t been getting the best grades when it comes to writing. If after going to their teacher for academic help, the teacher mentions that you should do more work with them at home, here’s another idea. How about having story writing contests? You and your child can give each other a topic to write on, you can read both read your papers in front of your other family members, and then have prizes at the end for completing the task. It’s a fun approach to writing. And it will surely make your child a stronger writer in no time.


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