Candy buffet for a child’s birthday party

When it comes to hosting a child’s birthday party, the decorations and entertainment are certainly important, but what most of the kids are interested in is the dessert that is part and parcel of this annual celebration. And these days it seems as though the traditional cake and candles have become somewhat passé. Even cupcakes, which became an extremely popular alternative over the past few years, seem to have lost their appeal. And chocolate fountains are more suitable for adult functions – they’re a bit too messy for a kid’s party. Ice cream bars are also an option, but of course, you’ll have to deal with a melting meal. Luckily, there is no shortage of ways to impress at your child’s birthday party when it comes to the confections. And the latest craze is to create a candy buffet. Here are a few tips to help you pull it off with aplomb.

how to create a candy buffet

The first thing you should probably consider is the layout and design of your candy buffet. After all, you can’t just throw a bunch of loose candy haphazardly on the dining room table and call it a day. That kind of free-for-all would be nothing but a gigantic mess waiting to happen. Instead, you’ll want to consider both practical and aesthetic aspects of creating such a display. A good place to begin is by selecting a color palette, which your child can no doubt help you with thanks to a favorite color or a party theme that dictates a range of hues.

From there, you’ll want to select the containers that will hold the candy for your buffet. You can actually find kits online and at party stores featuring a variety of canisters and open serving dishes that are color coordinated specifically for this type of buffet, making your job easy. These kits often come complete with everything you’ll need, including not only candy containers, but also scoops so the kids don’t have to stick their hands in the jars, as well as goodie bags so that they can put together a take-home assortment from your buffet. In essence, the dessert is also the party favor – two birds, one sweet stone.

The layout of your buffet is your next challenge, and the best option is probably to start with a table that is easily accessible. This means it has to be low enough that kids needn’t reach. When they have to stretch far to get at the offerings there’s a much higher chance accidents will ensue. So select a table that is low and long and keep the area around it clear so that children at the party have easy access.

Or course, your candy buffet isn’t complete without a variety of confections to choose from. And here you can probably save some money by ordering wholesale candy online. Just be careful what you get. Some candies could present a choking hazard. So you might want to steer clear of hard candy and opt instead for items that are unlikely to cause harm. This will help to ensure that the candy buffet at your child’s party is a big hit.


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