Extra help for kids in school

School is a difficult ordeal for everyone. Each individual finds at least one thing that they have a hard time with, throughout their schooling. There are certain situations when a parent might decide to get their kid some extra help. However, everyone has a rough day every now and again. There are certain signs that will show you that your child is in need of extra help, and not just having a bad day.

If your child’s report card always says something like, “Disruptive in class” or “Talks to others too much”, then your child may need some help with his focus in class. Some other signs are poor memory retention, consistently poor test results, and extremely slow reading. These signs could show that, without some extra help, your child could flounder through the rest of school. There are several ways to get your child help in these issues.

extra help for students in school

Many schools offer help like tutoring. This can be a great option, if you determine that your child needs one-on-one help in a specific subject or area. Also, many schools have programs like “study hall” and “homework club”, which meet before or after school to do schoolwork together. This could be an opportunity for your kid to learn from his/her peers, which could lead to several different ways to tackle the same problem. This could prove to be a huge benefit for your child. State-funded schools are required to offer a “student study team”. The team consists of parents, teachers, and the principal. Together, with the student, this group develops a plan to help the student overcome whatever obstacle they are facing.

One of the best ways to devise a plan is to talk with your child’s teacher. It is their responsibility to provide your child with the tools for success. Teachers are meant to be a mentor for your child; someone who will go the extra mile to ensure that your child is well educated. On the same token, teachers only have so much time to divide amongst all the students they have. This is why student tutors and mentoring programs have been established in schools.

The internet is one of the best resources parents have for finding extra help for their children. Learning assessments for students can be found online and the Common Core app is available to those who want daily assessments and/or personalized feedback. This is probably the best place to start. Having your child complete one of these will help you make the determination as to what sort of help your child needs. Once you have figured this out, the internet is there for you to find exactly what you are looking for. You can find local tutors, local homework groups, and online tutors. Any and all of these are great options for getting your child some extra attention to help him or her through a difficult part of school.

Without this extra help, there are several things that can adversely affect your child. Self-confidence is something that is integral to the success of a student. Students who are not confident in themselves will, most of the time, simply give up. This is the last thing a parent wants for their child. Poor self-esteem can follow, also. This is a problem that will affect a child throughout the rest of their lives, in just about every aspect of their lives. Healthy self-esteem is crucial to healthy relationships, healthy work ethic, and a continued drive to succeed.

Anxiety is the culprit behind these “symptoms of struggle”. It is something that can definitely be avoided with sufficient help for your child. Although kids ought to be given the range to try to figure things out on their own, there are just times that they will need something explained a bit differently. This is due to the various styles of communication. For example, some kids best retain what they read, some kids best retain what they hear, and some kids best retain what they do themselves. Figuring out your child’s preferred learning method can substantially decrease their anxiety levels throughout school.


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