9 tips for middle aged men to spice it up in bed

Walter Lippmann, an American journalist had once said, “Men who are “orthodox” when they are young are in danger of being middle-aged all their lives”. Hence, if we agree with Lippmann, a man who opens up to unorthodox ways of life might just be more youthful even in their middle age. This might be the case even when it comes to their relationships, especially in bed. You can always get information on how to get stronger erections in your middle ages from male enhancement review websites such as Men’s Health Advisor for the ultimate help. But there are other ways of spicing up a middle-aged man’s sex life.


How a Middle-aged Man can Improve His Sex Life

middle aged men to spice it up in bed

Men in their 40s can have a good sex life by taking initiatives to improve their overall health condition:

1. – If you have healthy diet, it will promote flexibility, stamina and better blood circulation in the body. If you get good blood flow throughout your body, then you have better chances of longer harder erections. All you need to do is avoid fatty food, not eat more than 2-3 eggs in a day and eat food rich in fiber and nutrients other than just calories.

2. -Cardio-vascular exercises are another way to gain a healthy heart, which leads to a better performance in bed even beyond the middle-ages.

3. -A healthy and romantic relationship with the partner is highly essential. It is important to take out your partner for date or movie nights and indulge in happy and regular conversations for a higher sexual drive derived from love and appreciation for each other.

4. – When a man is in his 40s he requires more foreplay than ever before. He needs higher stimulation for his body to react and gain sexual drive.

5. – If you want to have better control over your muscles and achieve a longer erection, you should start doing exercises that help in achieving better control over your nerves.

6. – Warming up before sex does not mean 10 push-ups to leave you exhausted. At 40, you are not young anymore, so a little bit of light jogging a couple of hours before you go for it would be advisable.

7. – Sometimes the ambience helps to help men get better erections. So, the man can find a source of excitement in the bed through some sort of music, aroma candles or oils, activity or game with his partner that helps enhance his sexual drive.

8. – At this age, it is difficult to change your mood and start showing sexual drive instantly. So, a little bit of help from the partner and his or her understanding is essential.

9. – If you are having trouble in getting a strong erection, use supplements for the same, made out of natural ingredients.


Now that you to know how to get stronger erections in your 40s, your next job is to choose a technique or male enhancement pills that is suitable for you. You simply need to research on information websites such as Men’s Health Advisor to choose the right product for yourself.

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