Nursing homes in crawley west sussex

Choosing a nursing home is a very big decision, whether you are looking for a place for you to live or finding quality care for a loved one. There are a variety of different types of nursing homes in Crawley West Sussex offering a range of services and programs for elderly residents. It will take research and thoughtful consideration to make the best possible choice for great care.

How to Choose a Nursing Home

The responsibility of selecting a nursing home can make it difficult to know where to start. There are several factors to consider for finding the best home and a few things to look for to assess the quality of the homes you visit. You should make a note of the things that are important to you and ask questions. When searching for Crawley nursing homes in West Sussex, Ashton House Residential and Nursing Home offers quality care that is customized to the needs of each resident.

Nursing homes in crawley west sussex

Pay Attention to Your Initial Impressions

First impressions and your intuition can serve you well when visiting a nursing home, if you know what to look for. How does the environment of the home feel? Is it friendly, welcoming, and does it feel like a home. Pay attention to the décor, furnishings, and the cleanliness of the home. Unclean spaces and strong odors are not good signs.


Living Accommodations

Evaluate the living space, including the size, look, décor, and comfort of the rooms. There should be modifications for easy access for people using wheelchairs or walkers, such as lifts, ramps, and enough space and support equipment in bathrooms and toilets to help residents use the facilities. Consider other living areas where residents can socialize, engage in activities, watch television, read quietly, or stroll outdoors in a garden.


Health and Wellness

Nursing homes in Crawley West Sussex provide meals for residents. Inquire about the menu to make sure there is a choice of food and accommodations made for special diets. In addition, it is important to ask about the health and medical services offered at the facility. What will happen if a resident becomes unwell? Ask about doctors and other medical services, such as eye care, dentists, psychological service, therapies, and related health and medical services.


Location of the Home

This may be an important consideration, both for the family member who will be residing at the home and other family members wishing to visit. When the nursing home is situated close to the areas where family members live, it will be easier for them to find the time to visit. However, when family must travel for hours, visits will naturally be less frequent.

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