What to expect from an Au Pair job abroad

Bitten by the travel bug and wondering seeing new places and cultures can earn you some money too? Well, if you like children, you could consider working as an au pair. The word au pair is French for being “on par with.” This essentially European practice gained popularity after World War II, when a lot of young women were moving to other countries in search of work, says a report on the US Au Pair Program, published in 2013 in the Harvard Journal of Law and Gender. However, the practice has, today, not only moved to almost all corners of the world but has once again risen in popularity, as parents struggle to balance their work and family life.

Au Pair job abroad


Going to an Organization

So, the work of an au pair is to essentially live with the family and take care of the children. Although it sounds like being a nanny, this is a good option for those who are looking to earn some extra money with international au pair jobs offered by reliable and experienced organizations like GeoVision. With such an organization, you can rest assured that when you look for au pair and teaching English abroad, the jobs will be prescreened and earning will be guaranteed.


What Does the Job Entail?

Before you go ahead looking for work abroad, it is important to know what to expect from this type of work. The best part is that you get to live as part of the family in a foreign land, so that you get firsthand experience of the culture. You will be responsible for taking care of children, although not newborn infants, and some light housework. You don’t need any prior training or experience, just the willingness to experience a whole new world. You could also consider teaching English abroad. Jobs such as these can be a lot of fun, since they give you the opportunity to travel and see new countries. Here’s a look at some of your primary responsibilities:


  • Your timetable will largely be determined by the age of the children and the type of household. If it is a family with school age children, you might get a large part of the day free, once you are done with your daily chores.
  • You might be responsible to helping the children in the morning, waking them and getting them ready for school, helping them to make their beds and clean their rooms. You might have to prepare their breakfast and lunch, drop them off to the bus or drive them to school and pick them up.
  • The housework will essentially be light tasks, such as taking care of the children’s laundry, periodic vacuuming.
  • Helping children with their homework, bath and getting them off to bed.
  • You will have time each day to pursue your own interests, as well as some time off each week. Such arrangements can be discussed with the family in question to arrive at a mutually acceptable schedule.


Support is Available

The family you work for understands that this might be your very first time away from your country and that you might not have any prior experience at such work. Most families are helpful and allow you time and support during the initial period when you are still settling down in the new environment.

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