Can age related memory loss be arrested

Have you ever called out to someone and then forgotten what you wanted to say? Or maybe you have forgotten the name of the actor in your favorite movie?  The name is on the tip of your tongue, but you just cannot recall it during a conversation with a friend. This does not happen only in old age. It can happen to anyone. However, as we grow older, we tend to notice these signs and wondering whether our memory is weakening, or worse, maybe Alzheimer’s is setting in. What is important to remember is that memory is not a single process. Instead, it is a mesh of interactive processes that begin every time we are exposed to a new surrounding or new information, according to a report by AARP Foundation and the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives. Whenever something new takes place, the neurons of the brain cells connect with thousands of other neurons and communicate with them to create what we called “memory”.

Can age related memory loss be arrested


Increase New Brain Cells to Improve Memory

What is not clear, even after decades of research by the world’s best scientists, is how the neurons of the brain cells actually communicate with each other. The closest thing to that is to try and increase the number of new brain cells created. Therefore, one of the ways to slow down the loss of memory is by using a good brain supplement after reading genuine review on sites like For instance, Juvenon Youthful Memory is known for helping to grow new brain cells in order to arrest memory loss in people of different ages. This memory supplement has been endorsed by Dr. Andrew Weil, an esteemed American health specialist, nutritionist and author.


Keep Depression at Bay

Depression is said to trigger signs of memory loss, by making it tough for one to focus or stay organized, which are essentials to remembering things. In fact, as people age, depression often sets in and causes your memory to weaken. People mistake this for signs of aging, while in reality it is a by-product of depression. If you are less social and less active, as is the case with depression, this has a severe impact on your brain. Moreover, with depression, you lose interest in things, which weakens the communication between your brain cells. So, one an effective way to arrest memory loss is to recognize the signs of depression and keep that under control.


Watch What You Drink

Alcohol abuse increases toxins traveling to the brain cells. This can result in memory loss over a period of time. Too much alcohol over a few years can even result in dementia. Thus excessive drinking needs to be curbed. Up to two glasses of wine is considered to be permissible, while anything higher can affect your brain cells. While too much alcohol is bad, too little water is equally bad. With age, one becomes more susceptible to dehydration. An awareness of these facts can help you take preventive measures – by restricting your consumption of alcohol, increasing your consumption of water and taking brain enhancing supplements – to arrest memory loss.


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