Choosing entertainment for a child’s birthday party

Some of the sweetest milestones in a child’s life are all the times their birthday rolls around. Not only does it signify a full year of growth and development, but it gives them the opportunity to celebrate a new year with their family and friends as well.

In order to make your child’s birthday extra-special, you need more than just a cake and some ice cream. It’s also a good idea to find the right kind of entertainment too.

So, if you’d like a few helpful tips on how to go about choosing the best entertainment for your son or daughter’s upcoming party, here are five steps that will lead you to the results that you are looking for:

Birthday party

Establish a budget. When your child serves as your inspiration, it can be very easy to go over-budget – especially when it comes to planning for their birthday. So, before you start looking for the kind of entertainment that you want featured at your son or daughter’s party, first think of how much you can afford to pay. That will help you stay focused as you’re contemplating what route to take.

Explore your options. When it comes to children’s entertainment, luckily, there are all kinds of options that you can choose from. You could hire a clown, a magician, a face-painter, an actor/actress from their favorite movie or book and a balloon twister, just to name a few options. The main things to keep in mind is to look for the kind of entertainment that is age-appropriate – something that your child will enjoy. For instance, if clowns scare your child, they are not going to find it to be much fun. Or if art is not of much interest to them, face-painting is probably not the route to take. Make sure it will be something that really interests them.

Interview 2-3 people. Once you have narrowed down a few options, it’s then a good idea to set up an interview with the entertainers you are considering. The reason why is because it’s always a good idea to get a feel for their personality and professionalism before the actual day of the party. Also, the interview is always an opportune time to ask any questions and make some specific special requests.

Get some references. A prospective entertainer is going to want your business. This means that they are going to put their best foot forward during the interview. However, no matter how great the interview goes, still ask for some references. It’s an additional step to give you peace of mind that you’re choosing someone who is safe and will provide you with just what you’re looking for.

Make sure everything’s in writing. Whether you decide to go with a company like Mid-Atlantic Adventures to get an inflatable rental or you opt to have the party inside of your home, when it comes to working with vendors and hiring entertainment, make sure to get everything in writing. You don’t want to throw a child’s party with the expectation that everything is ready to go, only for someone not to show up at the last minute. A reputable business will have no problem with providing a contract, so don’t hesitate to ask for one. Have fun at the party!


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