5 tips to relief stress without leaving home

Whether it’s a fight with the neighbor, a work-related issue, or problems with family, every mother goes through a phase of stress. While taking stress-relief medications may help, most offerings have side effects and take long to bring down stress levels.

So what can you do to prevent stress naturally, and without leaving your home? Below are some of the measures you can take to bring down stress levels significantly:

relief stress without leaving home


Listen to soft music

If you’re overwhelmed with stress, take a break and listen to some soothing tunes. Soft music has a calming and positive effect on the body and brain, and also has been linked to reduce cortisol (the hormone responsible for stress) as well as lower blood pressure. While a cello is recommended in most instances, you can listen to nature and ocean sounds if classical doesn’t work for you. Such sounds display similar relaxing effects to soothing tunes.


Blow some bubbles

Wondering how blowing bubbles will bring down your stress levels? Most relaxation techniques place focus on deep breathing, as it is known to provide a calming effect. Bubbles involve this technique, and are considered so relaxing that medical facilities even recommend this action for children before they undergo a medical procedure. Bubble blowing requires you to exhale carefully and slowly, which results in more relaxation that breathing in and out fast.


Walk outdoors

Hormones that stabilize the mood and reduce stress work better when your body moves and absorbs sunlight. Research has also pointed out that walking in the daylight and sun can improve your mood even better than antidepressants. Therefore, you should make a commitment to yourself to go out and engage in activity such as walks, bike rides, and hiking. And at the moment, you can make a small difference right away by simply talking a walk at the nearest park.



You can get stress relief from a self-message without requiring a visit to a massage therapist. It is a safe and cost-effective way to reduce stress-related pain, as well as promote blood flow throughout your body. Some vendors offer massage chairs, including portable chairs that provide the option to bring massage therapy directly to your home. You will even discover options with wheelchairs, and portable chairs that can be set up and positioned in seconds, giving you balanced support as you perform self-massage treatment.


Tap into your social circle

A strong social support circle can get you through stress in the toughest of times. A social support circle consists of people including your friends and coworkers, and isn’t associated with a typical support group; the latter is organized by a mental health professional. A social support group provides you the comfort of knowing that your friends are by your side if you need them. A quick chat with neighbors, a phone call to your jolly coworker, or a visit to your best friend are all great ways to reduce stress. As a bonus, you also get an opportunity to foster a deep relationship with people close to you.

So while you have limited options when it comes to doing something about your unrelenting employer, stress relief is just a few tips away.


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