Organic skin care product benefits

Being organic is hardly a new trend for people; organic foods have been a fad for years. People want to be all-natural and take preservatives out of their food. This is a good thing. However, more recently people have started to want to be natural and have a chemical-free beauty process as well. Science has, over the years, released studies about how chemicals can dry out and affect the skin. In fact, they can be so affecting to the face and skin (all over the body) that, if one isn’t careful, the aging process can be sped up by years. And years already seem to pass way too fast.

Another big part of choosing skin care products, is having to worry about children getting into mom’s beauty supply and having a a dress-up party. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but do you really want your expensive artificial lotions to be the most dangerous product in your household? Having a child already forces us to create a smarter and healthier household and not having to worry about our lotions and skin products relieves a huge amount of stress from the shoulders. There is a difference between your child picking up a bottle of peppermint oil, and picking up cologne. One is significantly more dangerous for anybody to ingest.

organic skin care products

Using all-natural products can benefit not just your own skin, but the skin of everybody around you that you come into contact with, especially children. If you have children then you should pay extra attention; choosing to use chemical-free products can affect the rest of their lives. Nature is our best friend, especially when it comes to the untouched, perfect skin of a baby. So many over the counter lotions can negatively affect the skin. Some can even go as bad as causing an allergic reaction or a rash. And that is for an adult, for a baby some lotions move through the mild irritation phase and go directly into starting an itchy, red rash. And for a child who can not yet communicate, that means pain.

Some lotions can even be used as a skin tag remover, which in turn kills the roots and potentially the skin around it. Through these chemicals, what is the unseen damage that has been done to that skin? Using a natural product as a skin tag remover and lotion can almost guarantee that if the product enters the bloodstream the body will know how to react to it. And, instead of working on disposing the foreign object, it can potentially use the nutrition for the body and dispose of any excess. This means that it has absorbed vitamins and nutrients from the product. Instead of hydrogenated that, artificial this and color number that, your body will be dealing with mint, lavender, spruce, thyme, etc. All products of nature.

Lastly, the one thing people love about a natural product, is its ability to preserve the skin cells. Science has proven, for example, that oil from rose petals can help blemishes and possible skin aliments. Roses, the beautiful red petaled flower that you have pride over in your garden. With that knowledge, imagine the limitless options nature has too offer us, there are so many untapped elements that the nature will only continue to help our skin and bodies.

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