Prevagen Reviews

Brain supplements that contain nootropic ingredients are used for memory enhancement. If you are looking for memory supplements, you can learn more about Prevagen and other products from the reviews at We have created our website to help you learn about the options available to meet your gaols and find the product that is best suited to your needs.


This product is advertised as the top selling memory supplement and it can be found in pharmacies and online. The brain supplement is sold in formulas that include regular strength, a chewable supplement, and the extra strength formula. The manufacturer is known for the development of new technologies, including the active ingredient in this supplement, known as apoaequorin, which is processed in a cGMP compliant facility.

A Unique Patented Ingredient

The formula includes apoaequorin, a patented ingredient, which is used in supplements for better cognitive function. This is a protein that is found in certain species of jellyfish and has shown results for cognitive and age related health challenges. The price of this supplements increases with the strength and it can be expensive, compared with other supplements, but discounts for bulk orders are available.

Scientific Research

The company points to studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of the product for cognitive enhancement. They conducted a three month long clinical research study that was double blind and placebo controlled. The study included 218 adults over the age of 40 and showed that the supplement provided significant benefits for learning, word recall, and improvement in people with mild memory problems. Additional research is needed to determine whether the product is substantially better than others on the market.

Prevagen Reviews

The marketing for this product relies heavily on the findings of their study and reviews on their website. The product is popular and the reviews are generally good, but the higher cost of the stronger varieties of the supplement result in more neutral product reviews. Users are happy with the supplement, but somewhat dissatisfied with the higher price for this product.

The Most Effective Memory Supplements

Finding a good source of reliable information is important when you are shopping for health supplements. We encourage you to browse our website and read the detailed product reviews at Smart Pill Guide. We have reviewed many of the memory supplements on the market and have provided a handy comparison chart of the products that rated best in product reviews to enable you to compare the results.

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