How LEDs are influencing lighting design

The world of design and interior decorating is constantly changing. What’s in style one moment is out of style the next. It can be difficult to keep up, but that’s due to the ever-evolving development of revolutionary new technologies that every person wants to integrate into their homes because they’re useful or money-saving. One of these technologies is LED lighting.

Because it saves money and looks better than standard light bulbs, almost everyone wishes to incorporate LED lighting into their homes and business places. It’s a technology that has taken the design world by storm…

LEDs are influencing lighting design


LED Lighting is Better for The World

In recent years, LED lighting has been incorporated into virtually every type of structure. You see it used in garages, homes, businesses, hotels, and more. It’s quickly replacing standard light bulbs due to the fact that it doesn’t generate the heat that old, outdated light bulbs do. Where a person could once burn themselves pretty terribly, LED lighting barely scalds the skin.

Interior decorators love that LEDs don’t burn because this allows them greater freedom when placing lamps and lighting fixtures. Plus, lamps that utilize LED lights can be made with virtually any material because heat transfer isn’t an issue. The result is a more interesting space. (Plus, LED bulbs don’t weigh much, so using them keeps lamps light and moveable.)

LED lighting is more energy-efficient, and energy-efficiency is important to nearly all Americans. Standard light bulbs use a filament, which burns up a lot of energy and makes them hot to touch. LEDs do not rely on a filament. According to, “LEDs are tiny semiconductors encapsulated in plastic, which protect their components and help focus the light.”

Plus, they last for 100,000 hours of continuous use or 10 years! In fact, LED light bulbs save so much energy that energy companies and industry analysts are promoting their usage. The site provides an excellent resource for anyone that is seeking additional ways to save resources using LED light bulbs.


LED Lighting Can Be Integrated into Smart Homes

Smart homes are all the rage, but you couldn’t have one without adding LED lighting. LEDs can be programed to go on and off by themselves, thus making the home smarter. You can’t make standard light bulbs do that. Known as smart bulbs, LEDs can be programmed so they’re never left on unnecessarily, or you can switch them off manually, from outside the home, using a tablet or cell phone.


Beautiful and Long-Lasting Lighting for Less

While LED lighting definitely saves you money each year, that’s not the only reason to use them. From a purely aesthetic point of view, they look so much better than standard light bulbs. Depending on the type of LED lighting you choose, you can create relaxing atmospheres, lighting that simulates sunshine, and even lighting that improves everyone’s ability to read.

Although LED lighting is warmer, and provides superior lighting when compared to that of a standard light bulb, it isn’t harsh at all. It’s simply a more effective form of lighting, which also looks more sophisticated. It’s a win-win all around, which is why it’s easy to understand why so many are choosing to switch to LEDs in lieu of standard light bulbs.

As time goes on, LEDs will undoubtedly continue to grow in popularity, especially considering the fact that standard light bulbs are being systematically phased from existence.

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