5 ideas on what to do with your wedding photos

So you and your beloved looked wonderful on your wedding day, and the photographer captured all your best moments. The wedding photos are stunning. Now, you’re left with one final question: What are you doing to do with all those pictures? It would be a shame to let them slowly fade from memory. Here are five great ways to use your wedding photos.


Create a scrapbook of memories

Gone are the days when people would use photo albums with blank slots to display their pictures. These days, many people have eschewed simple photo albums in favour of scrapbooks, which enable them to include mementos and to decorate their pictures in a much more engaging manner. Display ticket stubs from your first movie together or pressed flowers from the bridal bouquet in your scrapbook.

what to do with your wedding photo


Create an online gallery

Putting your wedding pictures up online is a great way to share them with your guests and those who weren’t able to be present. If you’re web savvy, you might want to create your own website. Otherwise, use a photo-sharing website like Flickr or even create a Facebook album to enable your friends and family to relive the magic.

Print out the best photos to hang on the wall

There’s no better way to get mileage out of your photos than by hanging them on the walls in your home. That way, whenever you come home, you’ll be greeted by the sight of one of the happiest days of your life. Your favourite photos can be blown up and hung on the wall in key areas such as the entrance to the home, while smaller photos can be assembled in a canvas collage on a living room wall.


Send photos to your guests in letters or as postcards

Have small photos printed so you can send them to your guests in the mail as a token of appreciation for joining you on your special day. You might decide to slip them into an envelope along with a thank you note, or to turn them into postcards by sticking a stamp on the back. If possible, pick group photos in which your recipient also appears. You can also send photos to your relatives together with Christmas greetings, which makes your yearly updates so much more evocative.


Pin them to your bulletin board at the office

After the excitement of the wedding and honeymoon, it’s time to head back to reality. In order to keep your spirits up at the office, it’s always nice to have a few reminders of your wedding day. Whether you decide to pin a few photos to the walls of your cubicle, change your desktop wallpaper to a picture taken on your wedding day or keep an electronic photo frame on your desk, seeing your sweetheart’s face as you power through the work day is a great way to stay motivated.


Just because the wedding is over doesn’t mean the magic has to end. Use your photos wisely to inspire yourself every single day.

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