How to create a warm kitchen for less

 “Good food and a warm kitchen are what makes a house a home.”

–  Rachael Ray

It’s important to have a kitchen you’re comfortable in because your kitchen is the heart of your home, and it offers your family the nourishment they need for their survival. More than just providing sustenance, a kitchen provides a place to be among family and friends. As puts it, “Some say that while life may be created in the bedroom, it is certainly lived in the kitchen.”

A kitchen’s influence is truly rated by its comfort level. If it’s too small, cramped, untidy, or uncomfortable it cannot enrich the mind, body, and soul. If you’re dissatisfied with your kitchen, it’s time to upgrade the look and feel, so you can begin making memories in a room that begs your family to join in the art of cooking.

warm kitchen


Renovate Your Kitchen for Less

In an article titled, Renovate Your Kitchen for Under $1000, HGTV recommends that you start by updating your kitchen’s color. If the room is small, choose a lighter color. Lighter colors make a space feel more open. Choose a warmer accent color to give the room an artistic flair, such as yellow, orange, or red.

It’s essential that your kitchen remain uncluttered. If your counter space and cabinetry is limited, consider purchasing a second-hand hutch to store your microwave and other essentials. This is going to free up room, and allow you to better organize the space.

HGTV also recommends adding “new hardware, fixtures and a backsplash.” These updates are relatively inexpensive, and “go a long way toward stealing the high-end look you crave.” To truly get that high-end look, try using a visual search app, such as LikeThat Apps, which allows you to capture an aesthetic you like and then search thousands of similar products and ideas.


Small Upgrades Make a World of Difference

You don’t have to do a complete renovation to revamp an unsatisfying kitchen. Instead, focus on small upgrades, such as painting your cabinets, replacing faucets and fixtures, and accessorizing with new and used items (dishware, glasses, etc.).

Adding a new table to an eat-in kitchen is a great way to change the overall look and feel. You can find tables second-hand, or you can use the above-mentioned app to search thousands of stores for a more modern table at an affordable price.

If you have statement dishware, put them in a see-through cabinet or an antique china cabinet. Set glasses, such as wine glasses and other unique pieces, on a high shelf that’s visible to guests. Drawing the eye to high-end glassware and plates is a great way to keep eyes off kitchen essentials that don’t add to a room’s overall appeal, such as a microwave or coffeemaker. Speaking of kitchen appliances, whenever possible keep store these items out-of-sight, as they do not add to a room’s appeal.


Create a Welcoming Look and Feel

If you want your kitchen to be a place where family and friends congregate to create memories, then you’ll need to soften its look. Soft fabrics go a long way in creating a welcoming look, and they offer a level of comfort to guests.

Consider adding new drapes, and choose a color that compliments the colors already present in the space. For drapes hung above a kitchen sink, HGTV’s Scott McGillivray recommends hanging lightweight drapes or a roman shade. “You don’t want something with too much fabric that could get ruined from splashing.”

Finish the look by placing a rug in front of your sink. Choose something durable, but also decorative. Remember, warm colors invoke feelings of positive energy, so whenever possible stick to red, orange, and yellow in your kitchen.


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