Benefits of selecting your own energy provider

When discussing our abilities to reduce our carbon footprints and “go green” in the home, one of the many aspects that comes up is the consumption of energy (gas and electric). According to the US Energy Information Association (EIA), in 2013 the average household consumed about 909 kWh of electricity per month at an average rate of 10.01 cents per kWh. With numbers and statistics such as these, it’s no wonder that many of us are looking for ways to reduce consumption and costs.

Now however, the average consumer has more control when it comes to consuming energy and selecting a service provider – which makes reducing costs, and consumption a lot easier to manage.

selecting energy provider


The Power to Choose

Local governments across the US are now giving the power back to their citizens by allowing them to review, compare, and choose their own energy suppliers. In times past, consumers of electric and natural gas were not allowed to select who would supply their energy. They were to rely on the prices and services of their utility company that serviced their area. The site goes over a more detailed explanation of the power to choose and how it is impacted by deregulation. These days, consumers are able to choose suppliers that best suit their needs.

What does this mean for you? It essentially means that you have:

·  The ability to compare pricing – Let’s face it, the average cost of a utility bill at any given time during the year can be costly. It can put you back several hundred dollars each month if you’re not carefully monitoring it (and even times when you do monitor it). Having the power to choose however, allows you the ability to compare prices of several suppliers in the area to select a company that works well within your budget.

·  The ability to compare contracts – When consumers were not given a choice on who their energy supplier would be, they simply had no choice but to agree with the terms and conditions provided by their regional utility company. However, now that consumers can determine who their energy will come from, they can review contracts to ascertain who will provide the overall better service for the costs.

·  The ability to choose energy your way – Not only does having the power to choose your very own energy provider allow you to save money and select the best overall service, but it also allows you to choose energy your way. If you’d prefer a prepaid energy service provider that charges you as you need and not on a contractual basis, then you have this option. If you’d prefer a renewable energy plan, that allows you to reduce your carbon footprint, you have those options provided to you as well.

As you can see, having the ability to choose your own energy supplier has a lot of advantages for those in qualifying states. You now can choose an energy provider that delivers quality customer service, the way you want, and at a price you can easily afford. If you live in a qualifying area, comparison shopping is the most authentic way to ensure that you get the services you want. Not only does the power to choose give you more control as a consumer, but it also makes it a lot easier to being greening your home as you strive to do your part to save the environment.


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