Entertain and Educate Your Toddler

As you know, it seems toddlers have a never ending supply of energy, problem is they aren’t old enough to keep themselves entertained. So, how do you keep a toddler entertained? Fortunately it doesn’t take a lot to entertain a toddler but you don’t just want to entertain him/her you want to help them grow developmentally.

There are lots of fun-filled activities you and your toddler can do together and both of you find enjoyment in.

Nature Walks: Educational and a lot of fun too. Let your little one collect some outdoor treasures to take home. While out on your walk show them the bright, colorful flowers or the different types and colors of leaves. Take the time to use the flowers as a subtle lesson in colors. Use the leave or sticks to teach opposites like little and big. Take your time and enjoy your walk. Not only will your toddler enjoy being outside for a bit but the walk will be refreshing and re-energizing for you as well.

Bake Cookies: Yes, cooking can be a big messy but just think about the smiles you’ll get to capture on film. That should be worth the clean up. Cooking is another fun and educational activity. A toddler even as young as two can enjoy it. Keep in mind, it really doesn’t matter how good or bad the cookies end up looking or tasting, the point is to have some fun and educational learning time shared with your little one. Narrate what you are doing. Name each ingredient and measurement outloud. Once it done you can enjoy your delicious homemade treats. Not only are you sharing time and teaching your are making some wonderful memories for your kids.

Water Play: Fill a small tub with water. Place several multiple size containers in the tub. Allowing your toddler to pour water from one container to another builds eye-hand coordination. Another thing you can do it is teach a little science by giving your toddler some objects that will float and some that will sink. Want a little more fun? Just add a little bubbles to the mixture and your toddler will have even more fun!

Create Your Baby’s First Photo Book: Try creating a special photo book for your baby. Print up some pictures and fill it with pictures of your toddler, family members and relatives who may live some distance from you. Write each one’s names under the picture or a term which they know them by such as brother or daddy. Talk about who each person is, where they come from or where they live.

Paper Tearing: Find a couple of old magazines or catalogs and let your toddler tear pages out, we all know how much toddlers like to tear pages. You can to get him/her to tear out shapes but it might just be easier if you let him/her have fun and tear it out however he/she wants. Depending on y our toddlers age, say you have an older toddler, you can teach him/her to use toddler scissors to cut out shapes.

Toddlers are constantly learning about their world around them. Take advantage of this great learning time and have fun with your toddler at the same time. The great thing is, you don’t have to do anything elaborate. Toddlers are easily entertained and will find wonder and amazement in even the smallest of things. Enjoy these years and give your toddler the gifts of education and family bonding time.

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