A Romantic Picnic Just for the Two of You

All too often we fail to spend alone time with our spouse. We tend to think if parent mode at all times and think that all our activities must involve the entire family. You need to remember even moms and dads need some special alone time. A romantic picnic is a wonderful way to spend some special alone time just reconnecting with your spouse.

The best enjoyed romantic picnics are the simple, spontaneous ones that come from the heart. There doesn’t need to be an enormous effort put into planning it. A simple picnic in the park, in the mountains or even in your own back yard.

If rekindling your love for each other is the ultimate goal, remember to keep it simple. To many plans can be a cause for frustration if everything doesn’t go as planned. That’s all it takes to ruin a romantic mood even before it even gets started. Keep your plans simple, flexible and uncomplicated you’ll be sure you have a nice, relaxing, romantic picnic with the one you love.

Keep the menu simple. Romantic moments such as picnics are about enjoying each other not the menue. Plan on taking easy to carry, easy to prepare foods such as sliced fruit, chicken fingers, cheese, crackers, and a beverage, preferably something with sparkling bubbles like wine, champagne, or if you’ll be driving to and from your picnic location opt for something non-alcoholic.

A cozy spot. A soft blanket or cushy waterproof mat will provide a place to sit and enjoy your rendezvous. Take along another blanket you can cuddle up in with your loved one as the colder evening air approaches.

For your romantic picnic, a traditional wicker picnic basket is a nice touch but you may also need to take along a cooler should you need to keep any particular food items chilled or cooled.tic occasions. Keep in mind to that some of the baskets you buy online or in stores now come with utensils, cutting boards, corkscrews, and wine glasses which will also keep your planning simple.

Remember, a romantic picnic is so much more enjoyable if you keep it simple and just go with the moment. You picnic doesn’t have to be perfect; you just want it to be memorable. Take the time to really connect with one another and just enjoy each other’s company.

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