Dreams In My Dreambook

As a mother of two boys ages 4 and 6, when I come across a book that I know my boys will enjoy I’m quick to grab it. I recently had the pleasure to review Stefanie Nastou’s rhyming bedtime story titled Dreams in My Dreambook and this also would be a “quick to grab” book for me as well.

Dreams in My Dreambook is a wonderfully illustrated story that was inspired by Stefanie’s two sons, in which she writes about their favorite things. Children are even inspired to capture their own dreambook story with a specially created page that can be downloaded at http://www.angelfacebooks.com. I printed a few copies out for my oldest son, as he wants to begin creating his own stories and this book was his inspiration.

Tickles and giggles are a real treat and so is this book. My boys and I thoroughly enjoyed the illustrations and story.

To learn more about Dreams In My Dreambook visit Angel Face Books

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