Oopsy Daisy Can Transform Children’s Lives

In the last five years, kids’ art has received a lot of national attention. Contrast this with the opinions of yester-year, when the concept of fine art for kids was a joke. Who’s got the last laugh now? Oopsie Daisy focuses on the trend of children’s art because they know that kids respond well to creative and imaginative art.

Decades of evidence indicates that children who grow up with an access to fine art are more likely to have high cognitive skills related to visual processing, organization, and spacial abilities. Let’s be honest, though; the real reason why parents should consider Oopsy Daisy for their children is because they love it! Artists from around the globe are involved in Oopsy Daisy’s projects, bringing colorful and vibrant images into the home.

Here is an example: it’s a well-know fact that children are fascinated by animals. Oopsie Daisy has a wide assortment of animal themed art, from farm-animals to exotic animals. Exotic or not, animals enliven children’s imagination like no other subject… except maybe extinct animals!

Vibrant colors are also important to childhood development. So when you are planning how to decorate the baby’s nursery, don’t forget about the magic of art for kids.

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