Longing For a Master Suite With Bath

One morning I dragged myself out of bed, grabbed my pile of clothes and headed for the shower.

Halfway there I was waylaid by a child wanting a drink.

Because I love them, and because I didn’t want them banging on the door while I was in the shower, I set my clothes down and poured some juice.

shower.gif Shower image by mes114

Halfway through the shower, about the time I was rinsing the shampoo, I remembered that I left my clothes in the other room.

After I toweled off I cracked open the door and said, “Would one of you please bring me my clothes?”

“Where are they Mommy?’

That was the second problem.  I couldn’t remember exactly where I had stashed my roll of clothes.

My 2 yo went to the dirty laundry basket, pulled out one piece of clothes and dragged it to the bathroom door.

She sweetly said, “Here ya go, Mommy.”

“Thanks dear I really do appreciate it, but one dirty bra is not going to help.”

My other 2 kids laughed themselves silly while I swathed myself in towels.

The moral of this story is: Put your clothes in the bathroom the night before.

Jendi is a Christian, wife, and SAHM of 3 who blogs at Jendis Journal about crazy kid stuff (aka daily life), books, and random thoughts that make it through her “Mommy Brain.  She blogs about her amateur gardening attempts at Garden Vines.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Looking Glass

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  1. I really got a kick out of your story Jendi. :) Thanks for putting a smile on my face and I’ll be sure to remember to “put my clothes in the bathroom the night before” :)