Waterslides and Dragons!

Where can you find waterslides and dragons? Can you say The Great Wolf Lodge in PA.

As we drove around the bend of the hill my husband’s mouth dropped. There it was The Great Wolf Lodge and it is really a huge lodge! Our children could not wait to get out of the car to get into the water park. Below is a few observations that will help family travelers about the lodge.

• Staff was very helpful. They all really cared if you where having a great time. At the front of the hotel, there was not enough staff. Long line to check in, plus many families where complaining because rooms where not ready at 4:00pm. Also during my stay our room was not cleaned until later in the day.
• The rooms were great. Any room would be good for a family of four. I recommend the Wolf Den, the children loved sleeping in bunk beds. Warning, some rooms are in high traffic areas, get to the hotel before 11:00am and say you would like a room away from the Magic Quest and lobby. See what other people thought about the rooms at www.familyvacationcritics.com.
• Would be a great service if hotel asked if families had any small children. Some families where upset that there room was near the lobby. They could not get children to sleep.
• Water park was for children ages 1-15 years old. Not too many activities for teenagers.
• Magic Quest was a nice way to spend family time. My daughter who is 6 spent hours on this project with her father. I would recommend Magic Quest for children 5-15 years old.
Food was limited. Most families ordered in Chinese food or went to Friendly’s. Most families where unhappy that there was not at least two sit down restaurants. Most rooms are over $250.00 at night, those families expect great food. Burgers in the water park was dried out.
• No babysitting or kids program in the hotel. I have mixed emotions about this. Based on statistics, families have limited time for vacations and both parents work. Parents look forward to spending time with children and alone. Talking to parents at the lodge, parents wished to have time alone at night. Most only can afford or have one vacation for the year. It would be great if the Great Wolf Lodge was a more balanced vacation destination. I do see that the Lodge is trying to promote a bonding family vacation. Towards the end of the day, I observed a lot of frustration and screaming that might have been better directed in a Kids Program.

I would recommend if you can do two vacations to pick one as the Great Wolf Lodge. See what other people thought about the Great Wolf Lodge (PA) at www.familyvacationcritics.com. In the future, I would love to see it more balanced like Monhonk Mountain House and Skytop Lodge that have educational fun as well. To find out more great information on family travel,visit www.familyvacationcritics.com. On your way out, leave your opinion – please!

By Monica Levine-Sauberman, CEO www.Familyvacationcritics.com

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