All Grown Up

Isn’t it just amazing how fast children grow up? I mean just yesterday baby number one was gazing up at me with adoring eyes and now she is two years old with a one year old sister following along closely behind! I am absolutely fascinated by the speed at which they pick things up.

Just a couple of days ago my oldest daughter watched for the first time a kids show on Sprout called wonder pets, and now after only the third time having seen it, she knows the theme song, the pets names and she is finishing their sentences. On the other hand, that fast knowledge and speedy growth can account for a couple of not so special moments too.

I’ve heard the age old advice that if you don’t stress it they’ll let it go but it’s not the easiest task to walk away from a “just turned” two year old quoting “leave me alone”, “stop it”, and giving the angry eye to her own mommy. It seems the more I ignore it the more she does it, but then again terrible two’s may be taking over so waiting it out might be an option… a slim one, but I’ll consider it.

Now the baby ( the one year old) is walking around saying “stop dada” at both parents as you can imagine, whenever something is not to her liking. Seemingly my calm baby at first, she is now almost as fiesty as her older sister. On a lighter note, she is coming more into herself and starting to equate affection with winning mom and dad over, so as a “just turned” one year old she is already good at the suckering mom and dad game.

With both girls progressing at an impressive rate, I can’t help but be sad that my babies are growing up. Strange though at the same time I cannot wait to be there for their first day of school, their first recital, graduation, and all of the other milestones children go through. With that said I have to bring myself back to the present and enjoy them as they are because one day they really will be all grown up.

Article Copyright Claudine Jones

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