Outdoor Family Fun: Fun Outdoor Game Ideas

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We should all try to take our family out for some family fun outdoors instead of spending the weekends playing non stop video games and watching TV. There are some tips to help you engage your family in outdoor activities and have a blast!

Our first outdoor game is called “three holes” -you can play with your family involving all members. You just need a golf ball and a hard dirt playing surface. The main rule of he game is to place ball into each of three holes two times.

“Three damp” is another outdoor game for the adults and the children alike. In this game, you need to have at least 15 players. The main rule of this game is to chase the tag runner. If this runner takes refuge to the safe point, outer player becomes the runner next.

“Stealing sticks” or “Capture the Flag” (is it is also called) is also famous game that involves 10 to 30 players. In this game, players have to hide their stick or flag at each others goal. The other team will need to search out all these sticks before their players are all captured. It is really a fun loving and adventures game with a strategy side to it that provides full time and enjoyment to your family.

Now many people have forgotten the purpose of having fun outdoors. Not only is family fun outdoors fun, but it’s great for your health! The next time you feel your family getting lazy, you should try to enjoy the weekend by making picnic plans to some remote and beautiful spots where you can also enjoy some fun outdoor fun games with the kids. You need to find such games that involve every family member- it will give you a chance to get closer together.

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  1. OutdoorAdventurer says:

    for me the best outdoor is the classic Hopscotch. Hopscotch may be the oldest of these classic kids outdoor games, as tradition has it that Roman soldiers played it in ancient Britain.