How Do I Get My Doggie A Massage?

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Dog Massage – Indulge Your Dog By Giving Him A Pet Massage (Part 1)

Besides giving your dog love and attention, another great gift that you can give is a soothing pet massage. A pet massage, just as the name suggests, is a type of physical therapy that is similar to acupressure or chiropractic care.

This type of pet bodywork gives your dog an instant gratification of comfort, relaxation, and the feeling of being loved. When given to your dog on a regular basis, a pet massage helps minimize his sensitivity to touch, either by you or a stranger. This makes him easier to groom, handle, and also makes it faster and easier for the vet to examine and treat him.

The growing popularity of pet massage makes it widely available all over the country, especially if you live in a major city. However, you can learn the basic technique of this type of bodywork and give it to your dog, making the experience more enjoyable for the both of you.

Treating your dog to a relaxing pet massage is an excellent way to bond with him. Not only will he love the way it feels, but he will appreciate the time and attention that you are giving him, a true treat that will make your dog’s heart melt with joy.

Below is a simple step-by-step procedure to giving your dog a relaxing massage, starting from the top of his head down to his muzzle.

1). For starters, you need to call your dog to you and command him to sit down in front of you.

2. Ease your way into the massage. Start by giving him a light caress the way you would normally do. This way, he won’t think that you are about to do something different that might probably scare him away.

3). Pet him as normal all over the body using firm and gentle strokes. These long strokes will prepare his body for the massage that you are about to give him. You will want to do this for several minutes prior to working into the actual massage.

4). Start by moving to his head and placing your fingers under the muzzle and thumbs on top of the head. Let your fingers massage the lower jaw and muzzle area while your thumbs massage his forehead, ears and sides.

5). Now you will move specifically on to the ears where one at a time you massage his ears in a circular motion for about a minute per ear.

6). Now is for the forehead specifically which you will massage for about 30 seconds before making your way to his cheeks for an additional 30 seconds followed by the muzzle for 30 seconds more.

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