Do It Yourself Gift Package

Template CD that includes a guidebook and an idea book to help you make 3 D boxes for your entire gift giving needs.

Want to do something a little different when giving out gifts?  This e-collection might be right up your alley.  I have had a blast using these templates and have created some wonderful gift boxes that I could never have accomplished with it.

I like to do crafts.  I also like to give those crafts away as presents to friends and families.  I wanted to do something a little extra in the craft area when it came to wrapping these gifts.  Something I could do myself.  That’s how I came up this e-collection.

Making my own gift boxes has been a lot of fun.  It’s so easy to do.  I just downloaded the templates.  Then I used the guides to help me make some really great boxes.  There’s one for just about any occasion and for every age or type of person you could imagine.

These boxes are a one of a kind.  They are easy to make and can save you tons of money in wrapping paper, gift bags and gift boxes.  They are really different to. I’ve used them not only for giving gifts in but to do some decorating at parties and showers.  They look great setting on a table where gifts or refreshments are.

If you like crafting or if you know someone who does, then take the time to check these out.  This ecollection makes a great gift for someone who likes to craft but has run out of ideas.  I’m having a blast with mine.

Where to Purchase: DIY Package

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