Coffee Gifts For The Holidays For Myself And My Wife

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I was out raking leaves today, enjoying the crisp fall air, and I couldn’t help but start to think about the upcoming holidays. There’s something about the smell of fallen leaves and cold wind that makes you think of simple times around a crackling fire. But when you are married like I am, the holiday season takes a whole new shape. It isn’t about rest and relaxation anymore. Let’s face it guys, it’s all about the gifts really. Not gifts for me either; it’s all about gifts for her!

I figured this year I would be smart and get her something that I also like, that being anything to do with coffee! I’ve already hit home runs with bath gift sets and fashionable fitflops, but this year I need something totally different. We’re going with good old fashioned caffeine drinks; java and Joe! So I went online and was done in under an hour.

The first thing I decided on was a new espresso machine. I went top of the line this time with the stainless steel housing and quality bean grinder included. I also got some nice new coffee mugs that are sure to fit just right in cold hands on winter evenings.

I also decided on new travel coffee mugs for the both of us, and stuck with the stainless steel once again. I am pretty picky when it comes to coffee-on-the-go and made sure to get good mugs that would not only stay sealed properly, but would also fit in our vehicle cup holders properly.

For the final part of her gift (and mine) I decided to get some coffee apparel and clothing. Think about it: coffee is just cool these days and T-shirts with cute coffee slogans on them will never go out of style. Because I am giving her these gifts for Christmas, I went ahead a sprung for some coffee pajamas and a sweat shirt too. Comfortable clothes are always a hit with my wife.

So you are probably thinking that I am nuts for buying coffee-related items for my wife for Christmas. The truth is, I’m more “beans” than “nuts” and I’m also pretty clever with the whole thing because these gifts for her are more about me if you think about it. Each one gave me an excuse to add a little something in the mix for myself. What a great idea, I should rake leaves more often!

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