How to Make a Hawaiian Lei

How to Make a Hawaiian Lei

A great idea to beat the summer heat is to throw a tropical Hawaiian themed party. Every guest at your summer time fun fest will need one of these beautiful flowered lei’s. A fun and creative project for everyone young and old.


Thick multi-colored construction paper or cardstock

Drinking straws



Paint, markers, glitter


The first step in this creative project is to draw out several different size flowers on your choice of paper. With a parents help, cut out each flower making sure to punch a small hole in the center of each one as this is where you will thread the yarn. The next step calls for imagination. Color and decorate your flowers with paint, markers, crayons, glitter, or even glue on some shiny beads. After your flowers are completely decorated put them aside and use the scissors to cut your drinking straws into one and a half inch lengths. One great thing about this craft is each straw section does not have to be perfect. When all your straw pieces are cut and ready, tie a thick knot at the end of a two foot long section of yarn. Thread a small flower onto the yarn pushing it all the way to the knot. Next, thread a section of straw. It’s that easy. Continue threading each flower and straw section until your lei is complete. Finally, tie each end of the yarn together with a nice strong knot.

There you have it an easy, creative and beautiful flowered lei. The perfect colorful addition to bring funky fun and whimsy to any festive summer party in the backyard or at the pool.

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