Reduce Mealtime Stress

Mealtimes should be a time for the entire family to sit, relax and enjoy some family time together at the end of the day but this isn’t usually the case is it?  Kids are hiding their unwanted veggies in a napkin or feeding most of their unwanted main course to the dog. Not exactly what you had in mind while slaving over the hot stove after a long day of work or a day of totting the kids around huh?

Why let meals be another stress when you can have someone else take care of all the planning for you?  Yes, you can have someone else plan out your families meals making one less task you need to stress about.  I’m talking about menu planning services.  Not only do you get your meals planned out but you also get your grocery lists prepared for you so you only get what you need which saves you from having to run around the grocery store trying to figure out what you need for the week or even month.  With your grocery list already prepared you can check out the deals and look for some coupons and save.  Some services also offer tips to keep your organized for meal preparation time which makes life much easier for you when it comes to dinner time. One such services is Make sure you check it out.

Another option would be to pull out that slow cooker and begin using it to your advantage.  Slow cooker cooking can be a tremendous time saver.  Simply add all your ingredients in the morning, set it to low and off you go.  By the time you get back from work or just in time for dinner your meal is already and waiting.  Even better you only have one pot to clean. Woohoo! Who doesn’t love fewer dishes to wash?

Why not make it a fun thing?  Grab a couple of girlfriends, set aside a day to get together and bulk cook.  Work together, make larger than normal size batches of your favorite meals and then split the portions up.  Everyone will get to take some meals home, and you’ve gotten a little girl talk in with some friends at the same time.  Doing this, will give you some “girl time”, save you some money and save you some time as well as get you some great meals.

Try freezer meals too.  Prepare large quantities of foods your family likes, divide them into meal size portions and place them in the freezer for easy preparation later.  All you’ll need to do is pull them out of the freezer, heat and serve.

With a little preparation and a little help you can make dinnertime pleasant for your family and for you.

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