Natural Baby Skin Care: Protecting your Newborns Skin

Becoming a new parent is an amazing and mind-boggling experience. There are so many new things to learn, so many concerns of what is right and wrong. As a parent you want to do what is best for your baby.

One concern of new parents is caring for their baby’s skin. There are so many skin care products available these days, sometimes it is hard to choose the best and safest products for your newborns skin.

Consider that babies spend the first few months of their lives in the most natural surroundings – their mother’s womb. A baby’s skin is very delicate and skin care should be kept simple. Many parents are choosing to use natural organic baby skin care products as a gentle approach to help protect newborns skin against dryness and diaper rash.

Research has shown that many ingredients contained in skin care product are possibly contaminated with harsh chemicals that irritate the skin and cause unnecessary discomfort for your baby. Many skin care products contain synthetic fragrances, preservatives, artificial colors, and additives. Not only do these ingredients irritate your baby’s sensitive skin but they can also affect their health.

Look for signs of sensitive skin such as red dry, flaky patches which can be caused by harmful chemicals in skin care products and detergents. If your baby develops diaper rash, wash baby’s bottom with warm water, change diapers frequently, use a protective diaper rash ointment, and leave baby without a diaper as often as possible to expose the area to fresh air. Avoid using petroleum jelly which traps moisture against the skin.

Not all natural skin care products are created equal. Many products can state “natural” on the label and still contain harsh chemicals. When choosing natural skin care products, make it a point to read the label and look for look for products that contain natural organic healing herbs and essential oils.

Ingredients such as natural aloe, shea butter, olive oil, avocado butter, coconut butter, and natural beeswax help moisturize and act as a protective barrier on baby‘s sensitive skin.

Other ingredients such as calendula, comfrey, chamomile, and lavender helps soothe and heal baby’s skin.

Take care when using new skin care products, even natural ones. Remember that your newborn’s skin is very sensitive. Use skin care products in small amounts for the first few weeks until you are sure your baby has no sensitivities to the ingredients.

A little research and some common sense will help you make the right natural skin care choices for your precious new bundle of joy!

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  1. It is wise to have the best skin care for our babies. Their skin is not fully developed to fight off harmful elements that can harm the baby’s skin. Diapers too are a must to be of utmost quality and hypoallergenic should be considered as baby’s tend to have rashes.