Write! – 2nd and 3rd Month Blues…

I have been so sick and depressed I barely have had time to keep up with school, work, doctor’s appointments, and home care.

This weekend my husband saw me for the sixth or seventh time sleeping from 6:00 p.m. until 11:00 p.m. on a Friday, when he woke me up to hand me some food and talk. He might not be a dancer or a very social person, but he does like to talk.

“I was researching something for you” he said.
I thought he was looking for baby or pregnancy stuff.
“It’s about an ISBN”, he explained while he rubbed my almost non existing belly, “you can get one on your own with a little investment and you can get published without actually going to an editor”.
“Really?” , I tried to sound excited, while coping with the grogginess of the Zofran and the messed up feeling of my stomach. “Why were you looking for that, honey?”
“Because I see you sleeping all the time and it’s been a while since the last time you wrote anything and I don’t want you to give up on your dream of becoming a writer…”

Then the hormone tide rose.
“%$#^%&^%*^(&(*! &(*&&! K^%&*! ”
I’m kidding. I could never yell at him like that.

But I was upset, because it made me think he thinks I’m a lazy woman who sleeps and eats ice cream whenever she can!

Well, I have things to tell you, mister, I work from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday to Friday, I am taking two college classes and Acing them, I am going through my second and third months, I have no family here, and I have to take care of the house!

(Not that I am a Stepford wife; yesterday I bought Chinese food enough for 3 days so I won’t have to cook for a while).

Maybe when you get to feel what is like to be pregnant, working, and studying at the same time you will tell me if you want to get home with a sunshine smile and actually produce and create something new!!

Nah, I didn’t actually say it like that.

But one look of my disgruntled face was enough to tell him that and more. He decided to shush and hold me quietly.

Five minutes and half a cup of ice cream later my mind started to think more clearly. What was he trying to tell me? That he wanted me to have success. What did I reply to that? I rather not remember. What kind of a wife I’m I? Are all pregnant women transfigurations of their dark sides? Here I am being rubbed by a loving guy whose only desire is seeing me happy and I bring all the bad stuff inside of me to him in a moment when he’s just trying to make me feel loved.

Ladies, I know- first hand- that it’s not easy. I’ve seen it happen with friends and relatives. If you are pregnant, don’t let your hormones hurt anyone who doesn’t really deserve it. If you have to say something unfriendly, have a snack, lie down for five minutes and think it over.

If after that little filter you still think you were really offended, then go ahead and let it roll!

Till next time!


P.d. Here’s the first ultrasound at 8 weeks. Today I’m getting the second one. Enjoy!

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  1. mamafamilias says:

    A dear pregnant friend of mine was recently ranting over the phone that her mother was not able to watch her son because she was so occupied taking care of her very ill grandmother. I gave her a pass because she was pregnant, but leter I asked my husband if I had been that self centered and rude while pregnant. He refused to answer. Guess we all go through that:)

  2. Preciosa, It is wonderful to read what you write. Your husband it right – you have an amazing gift, and it is just a matter of planning and God’s timing before you are writing to many many women (and men) who will roll on the ground laughing or cry as they read your heart on paper :). I love you, and I am glad that Argenis SAW that gift and passion that resides within you. Your (internal) response was hilarious! I love you, and I truly hope we can spend more time together.

    My New Years resolution this NEW YEAR is to take care of myself, and part of that is spending time with the people that mean the most to me and make me feel good.

    Te Amo,