The Normal Christmas Present Is Not For Me

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I’ve never been one to ask for a normal gift under my led christmas tree Every year around Christmas time I start wishing for something special that no one else has. You may not think what I say is true, every year Santa comes to my house and gives me exactly what I want, who ever since I’ve been a small child I’ve believed in.

For an instance, one year for Christmas I wished that Santa would make two men fall for me by the end of January. A goofy smile came over my face later that month, because I was thinking Santa made it happened. I thought I would try my luck again the next year, I again wished for something extraordinary, I wished with all my heart that I would meet the man of my dreams when I took my trip to Germany. During my trip, only two days before Christmas day, when I went to Germany on the train, a man spilled dark coffee at me. Six months later I married that man and he is now my Husband of many years. Now that is a great gift no one gets under their pre lit christmas tree.

This year, I am already through of wishing something for my self. this year I’d like to use my Christmas wish for one of my patients who has a bad case of diabetes. She is scheduled to have an amputation on the 28th of December, because it got infected . She is a Native American, and a mother of six girls; the eldest is only twelve and the youngest is two and a half. She lives alone since her mother died of a heart attack six months ago. Her life will be a lot different if she has the operation, since I don’t even know how she will make money if she can’t continue to work at the grocery store if she ha no foot.

If I could get anything I want this holiday season, I would ask that I do a good job on the operating table, and let me give her the bet advice I can, and let her follow it. I also wish that the government would give more priority concerns for minority groups, especially those who are suffering from severe illnesses.

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