Birthday Party Crashing

A few Sunday’s ago, the kids and I were upset because Dad decided to go play golf on family day. To placate the situation, he left me some money so I could take the kids somewhere fun. Since I now had some extra funds, I decided I wanted to take the kids to a place called Bounce U. Bounce U may actually be the eighth wonder of the world. It has a bunch of different indoor, inflatable bouncy things that fill up an entire room and are so big dads can play on it. It a word – it’s cool.

Unfortunately for us, BU wasn’t open for open bounce on Sundays because of birthday parties. Neither was the 8 other maniacal kiddie places I looked into. In my infinite wisdom (and 49 seconds of daydreaming), I thought “Wouldn’t it be cool if I could just go buy a cheap gift and take my kids to the party?” Now, this thought didn’t occur to me because I was being cheap – I just wanted to have somewhere fun to take the kids.

It could work. If we got to the party a few minutes late and then they only bounced and then we ducked out right before the festivities started, we could SO pull it off. When my son had his party there, I didn’t recognize several of the kids there. I’m sure we would just blend in.

Then I realized what I was doing. I was on my way to becoming the Wedding Crasher of kids birthday parties. Just think though, if you joined forces with another mom and went to various kid places, you could probably pull it off. Most of the time, the parents are too busy making sure the birthday kid is happy and no one is breaking anything to worry about the actual names of the kids. And if you bring a friend, it looks like you belong there because you are chatting with someone else.

We could even have a set of rules, like:

Rule #1 – Make sure the age of the kids at the crashed party are close to your kids ages.
Rule #12 – Don’t’ take your kid to a party in a place where they may throw up. It will stand out too much.
Rule #23 – If you use a gift to get into the party, make sure it’s not too big or too small. It all goes back to the attention factor.

Can’t you just see it? At parties all across America, you will be able to see moms in the parking lots of Chucky Cheese’s quizzing their kids.

“Ok, what’s our backstory?”

“I am a friend from school and thought it would be ok to bring my little sister.”


Despite the craziness of it, I decided to tell my husband about my brainstorm. “You sound like a crazy, cheap person.”

Yeah, but the kids would have fun.

Alana Morales, who has a degree in Psychology and is a certified teacher, taught high school English for six years before staying home with her two children and becoming a freelance writer. Her fist book, Domestically Challenged, is due out in May. You can read more of Alana’s work and get information about her book at

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