Silk Plant Ideas For A Quick Home Makeover

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Silk Plant Ideas

One of the best ways to realize a quick change to your home decor is by employing the instant atmosphere of inside plants and flowers.
However, many homeowners don’t have a natural green thumb and are wary of the thought of long term attention for living indoor plants.
It takes quite a bit of know-how to keep live interior plants in good condition and well, living.

There are so many things that can go wonky with indoor plants that you sometimes wonder if it’s worth all the difficulty.
If it’s not fungus infections, it’s insects or too much sunshine or not enough sun or too much water or the room is too cold. It all becomes a bit much, not to mention costly over the long term.

Silk plants are the answer. You can choose these days from a entire range of indoor silk indoor plants from silk ferns, silk palms, silk floor plants and flowers, silk cactus and silk trees, silk orchids, silk hanging plants, silk palms, topiaries, bonsais and wreaths.
One additional bonus is being able to choose the size you want to suit your room. It really is an easy design choice to make if you are searching for a quick makeover for your home.

As silk plants are synthetic, there is no need to water them or make sure that they have enough sunshine. You only need to [spin occasionally|once in a while|now and then[/spin] clean the plant to make sure its color and freshness is protected.

Some of the benefits of using silk plants include the following:
They look good all the time.
You don’t have to be concerned about them when you go on holidays
They will never get bigger
They need no maintenance except an occasional dust
They are not pet playthings
They offer continuing term value for money
They don’t attract bugs or mold
Good quality silk plants are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing
They are great for a quick decor face-lift.

Many designers use silk plants to give a longevity to their design work. It makes sense and offers ongoing value to their clients.

There is also a real tendency these days to the use of silk flowers for marriage ceremonies. The right choice of silk blooms can be a real time saver and make a huge difference to the cost and co-ordination of wedding preparations. Silk wreaths are often used in the aisles and to decorate the wedding venue… while living blooms are used as table centerpieces and more ‘close-up’ arrangements.

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