What They Don’t Tell You About The Top Christmas Toys

Have you started shopping for your kids’ hot Christmas toys yet? It’s best to get the gifts that will keep a smile on children’s faces after Christmas. But how will you determine which toys to get? These are the best hot Christmas toys which will certainly succeed.

There are few cameras out there more durable than the Kid Tough Digital Camera. The camera has been made extremely durable to handle whatever kids will do to it. There’s no doubt that the camera’s $85 price tag is part of its appeal. The camera is easily manageable with big, visible buttons. The memory card that comes with the camera can hold up to 60 photos. The screen on the back of the camera lets you review your photos. The camera has great accoutrements, like the included USB cable. Don’t fail to purchase the Kid Tough Digital Camera a toy camera that is really something.

Bring science and excitement of the ancient times with Playskool Kota My Triceratops Dinosaur. Kota is a really huge toy. It weighs 36 pounds, and measures at 21.4 x 38.4 x 28.9 inches. He makes sounds and moves just like a real dinosaur! Kids will be thrilled at the sight of a real dinosaur in their home! He can move his eyes, his head, his tail, and even his horn, as he responds to your child’s touch. Kota also has cool music that it plays. One of the hot Christmas toys, Kota will not fail.

It’s unanimous that the Fisher-Price Portable DVD Player is ranked among the hot Christmas toys for toddlers and with good reason. The casing of the Player is absolutely durable. It is rather light, amazingly. The toy can be powered by any 9V outlet. The 3,5 inch LCD screen has a great image quality. There is little that you can do to this player to destroy it. The dual handles on the player make watching it super easy. The retail price for the player is extremely low.

What will be on YOUR list of hot Christmas toys? There’s no doubt that picking only one will be difficult. It boggles the mind that there are so many great toys out there. Technical advances in toys have made so much more possible. Yet the interfaces of new toys are still quite easy to use. Technology has made great advances, but toys are still toys.

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