Consider This Before Buying A Digital Picture Frame

digital photo frame!!!!Digital picutre frames are indeed all the rage right now and they do make wonderful gifts but which one is right for your recipient?  There are some things to consider before you just head out and buy them and ship them off to family and friends.  Originally back in 2000 when digital picutre frames came on the scene an internet connection was requried since new photos would have to be downloaded each night.  It required you to upload your photos to a website and then download them to the digital picutre frame.  So, when you choose a gift such as this to give there are some things you should keep in mind.

* How computer savvy is your recipient? As some frames have wi-fi, will the recipient know how to work with it?

* Most digital frames offer multiple memory card formats so no matter what type of digital camera you have, you should be able to use the picture frame assuming your recipient has a digital camera.  Some people haven’t joined the digital revolution just yet so keep that in mind.

* Playback is another item to consider.  Do you simply want photos to show or are you interested in other options such as video and music?

* The size of the images is also an important factor to consider.  Why would you want a digital frame with an image screen so small that you can’t really enjoy viewing the photographs in the first place. This is where price and value become an issue.  It all depends to on where you plan on keeping the frame.  On a desk something small might work but on the other hand there is a possibility it may be on a wall across the room you’d need to find a larger one so that the images could be enjoyed from a further distance.

* Price.  Again if you are looking for a quality frame large enough to be enjoyed from more than an arms length be prepared for a higher price tag.

* What is the display of photos dependent on?  Is an internet connection requried or does it contain internal memory? and if so what is it’s capacity?

Shop around for deals, look online and at sales in circulars you may find just what you are looking for at a price you are willing to pay with a knowledge of exactly what you are looking for.  Don’t forget when shopping for digital frames keep in mind the cost, it’s features and where it’s intended location may be from it’s viewer.


Creative Commons Licensephoto credit: laihiu

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