Jp Lizzy Designer Diaper Bags

Unless you are a parenting fashionista, you probably haven’t heard of the rising star known as JP Lizzy designer diaper bags. Not for long though: One of JP Lizzy’s diaper bags just won the prestigious iParenting award for “Best Product for Baby Gear & Equipment.” What makes JP Lizzy stand out against the competition?

At the heart of it, the difference is passion. When Wendy Barry, founder of JP Lizzy diaper bags, raised an rambunctious set of twins, she felt first-hand the lack of truly useful diaper bags available. This experience led Barry to create some designer diaper bags that maximized the use of pockets, sub-sections, and mixed functions to help busy moms-on-the-go find what they needed, when they needed it the most.

From here, JP Lizzy bags filled another niche: stylish bags that don’t break the bank. One innovative product is the Chamelia Clutch, which is the perfect choice for short outtings with baby in tow. The clutch carries all the essentials in a slim and compact profile, and looks like an ordinary purse. Parents love how this clutch can accessorize the larger Classic Tote diaper bag, which comes with all the stops: baby-changing pad, insulated bottle warmers, and of course more pockets than any other bag on the market.

JP Lizzy designer diaper bags are a name to look out for. The company has quickly built a reputation for stylish and highly functional diaper bags that are not as expensive as most other brands in its class.

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