Making Crafts with Your Family

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It seems we never have enough hours in a day. And then trying to get the whole family together is next to impossible. And when we do all get together it is normally in front of the TV. And that gives us little opportunity to bond and enjoy each other. But if you can sit down and get creative with each other that makes your quality time priceless.

You may think that crafting as a family not an option, specially if there are many years between your children. But there are some projects that you can do with family members can all enjoy. I have included just a few ideas of crafts the whole family can enjoy together.

~ Fabric painting and tie-dying ~ You can make custom tshirts that the whole family can wear with pride. Tie-dying is easy enough for your younger kids, but the teenagers will also enjoy creating them just as much. Fabric paint is another option when it comes to decorating clothing or fabric. The paint comes in super easy to use bottles that makes it very easy for the young and the old to use.

~ Making Beading Jewelry ~ You can string some beads together and make anything from necklaces, to anklets. Although this project may not be the best for young children because of the risk of them sticking the beads in their mouth and swallowing the beads. You may find that you can also pick up plastic needles that make it much safer for those little hands and larger beads make things much easier. Your older children will probley prefer to use the smaller beads to create something much more stylish.

~ Creating A Family Scrapbook ~ This is a great project for the whole family to participate in. The smaller children can help pick out the pictures while the other kids can help with writing the information next to the photo and attaching the photos and embellishments to the page or paper.

~ Clay Crafting ~ You can create so many things out of clay. You can create beads, figurines and many other objects. Clay is great for about anything including holiday decorations, gifts and decorative containers.

This simple crafts are a great way to get the whole family involved in making something great and having fun making memories. These projects are good for all ages.

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