Working Moms

Being a Mom sure is not an easy task. We are entitled to be more than one person a day. We become Doctors, Teachers, Friends, Story Tellers, Taxi, chefs and so on. We choose to work at home for many reasons, we need to be there for our kids, to be there for sickness, to help them at homework and to see them grow. It is very difficult as a Mom to go out to the world and work, because we really do not want to miss out on the growing stages of the kids. While some of us stay at home, most moms really need to go out and work, sometimes some of us do both, like me for example, I as a mother of four, work at home and work outside of home as a Sales Associate.

I try to help myself earn as much as I can by working in all the skills I know. While I am at home, I am a multitasked mom and am sure all of us are, I am on the phone taking calls from clients, cooking and helping the kids around, I work creating websites, banners and on my own home business where we make handmade jewelry. I am also a Mary Kay beauty advisor, while I am out working I sale office supplies equipment and business supplies for the staples store. It has been an awesome experience being able to work in more than one place at once. It gives me the opportunity to help provide for my family as needed. I have talked to several moms and most really do have more than one job in order to have a good income at home, especially big families and those who home school their kids.

As a work at home Mom, I have had the wonderful pleasure of meeting many women online and offline, I have collected great amount of donations for raffles, gift baskets and even goodie bags, On special occasions I prepare these bags to give the opportunity to other work at home moms to help promote their business. Networking online is as much important as networking offline, which is face to face networking. It gives you a great experience of meeting new people, their business and their goals.

I consider myself a Mom Entrepreneur, I will be and keep being a business women trying to be successful and my goal is to make my business an offline one. I am creating a new business which will launch December geared toward the organization of family and business women. A great way to know and learn how to organize yourself at home while working and dealing with your kids.

Copyright Jessica Lozada

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